Bad news for Good News World

Good News World takes a tumble in its second week, while The X Factor takes out top spot once again.

It’s not very good news for the revamped Good News World for TEN. A week ago it was 590,000 and a winner in its timeslot.

Last night it dropped to a disappointing 354,000 viewers and fourth place. That’s despite a lead-in of 764,00 from Undercover Boss Australia.

But if a television network seeks to shore up a band of loyal viewers then Seven may well have hit the right note. On Sunday night there were 1,398,000 viewers watching Wild Boys at 7:30pm. On Monday night there were 1,398,000 viewers watching The X Factor at 7:30pm.

Presumably it’s just a coincidence. But if X Factor gets 1,398,000 tonight we may have to start sharing those OzTAM people meters around a little more.

X Factor beat The Farmer Wants A Wife (969,000), 7.30 / Australian Story (711,000 / 817,000), The Renovators (580,000) and Mythbusters (326,000). Renovators’ stint rebuilding after the Queensland floods is even down 28,000 in the Brissy market compared to Monday last week.

Home And Away Seven (1.18m) pipped ABC News (1.01m), followed by The Big Bang Theory (828,000) and The 7pm Project (784,000).

At 8:30pm it was Body Of Proof (996,000) over Undercover Boss Australia (764,000), Four Corners / Media Watch (687,000 / 639,000), The Ugly Truth (649,000) and Swift And Shift Couriers / Pizza (285,000 / 221,000).

At 9:30pm Q & A was 630,000.

Neighbours led multichannels with 359,000 viewers.

Nine’s coverage of the Sam Stosur win saw preliminary numbers for Today rise to 508,000 over Sunrise‘s 399,000 -but they haven’t yet been adjusted for the actual broadcast given Today was relayed on GEM in some cities.

Week 38

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  1. Nob, did you get any further than akhmal being kim jong?

    I think the same joke 2 weeks in a row is just sad. akhmal is good as a side guy, adds good comedy, but not as a focal point in a skit like that, pathetic it was.

    to be honest I want this to fail now, I feel sad for the guys being forced to do this..

    better they find true work in other areas than be remembered this way.

  2. Saw episode 19th sept – no news good news. It`s mostly unfunny sadly when good news week was excellent, why change it you marketing fools…

    Shaun Micallef and Ben Elton tried the format and the latter bombed big time making this pre-recorded and edited and not Live did Producers at CH 10 think it would not work…great cast wasted !!

    The show will fall on the rating sword quite soon. RIP.

  3. It’s good news world… Boring and predictable, fell asleel – unwatchable, I think I’d rather die.
    It’s good news world… They ruined a bloody good show, I think it’s time that they did go, and left fond memories.
    It’s good news world…
    It’s good news world…


  4. I recently decided to revisit one of my favorite comedy series from the UK, The Fast Show.
    The first few episodes were not funny, just silly, and I really started to wonder why I had been such a fan. However, as the show developed and the characters grew on me again, I found it to be just as brilliant as ever.
    Don’t be too hasty to give up on GNW. There is some serious talent on that show, on both sides of the camera and, as they find their feet in this new format, they will have us all laughing before long.
    Some may not adapt to the change as well as others, but we are in for some fun.
    They may have lost a lot of viewers to Q&A while that appalling COW was on, but as they drift back to Ten, I am sure that numbers will improve.
    By the way, Greer & Joyce was a hard act to top.

  5. GNWeek wasnt broken
    they shouldnt have tried to cover it with a glittery bandaid

    rip this sad miserable bandaid off (and fast cause it’ll hurt less), maybe a new set and new games (if they can put that much money + ideas into renovators (which i greatly love) im sure they can put a little more into GNWeek too)

    and the wound created by this little late night drunken stunt with its mates will be soon forgotten 🙂

  6. I want to like the show and as long as its GNW in some way i’ll take it. For me, the only downside to watching this is that it makes me miss the old Good News Week Nite Lite on a Thursday Night (and Paul singing Throw Arms with a giant choir and the audience going mental, along with Bob Downe). Maybe go back to mixing both GNWorld and GNWeek?

  7. @Newtaste, you are taking issue with the use of the term “Brissy”? Are you serious? There are some chill pills down at the local pharmacy with your name on them.

    I saw on ad on channel 10 here in Sydney yesterday, advertising for studio audience members for upcoming episodes of Good News World, so obviously they intend to persevere with it. I predict it will all end in tears.

  8. I hate this new formate and so do the rest of my family the powers that be really stuffed up this time Paul and crew are very funny and enjoyable to watch but not in this format bring back the old show it was good ,enjoyed the different guest but only the funny ones not sports folk who cant be funny if they try Your killing this great show

  9. TEN are getting greedy and wanting to lift ratings wherever they feel they can. They weren’t happy with just 500k viewers so they thought they would make it more along the lines of SNL or something..

    I give it 2 more episodes till it’s scrapped and the old format is brought back. The old version was so much better especially when you got to know bizarre News events from around the world.

  10. Also, i found that many of the jokes on Good News World weren’t even that up to date – for example jokes about the London Riots or even Craig Thomson.

    For a show purporting to give, ‘tomorrow’s news today,’ it didn’t seem particularly impressive.

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