Big Brother in July?

Could TV in 2012 end up being a battle between MasterChef vs Big Brother? Maybe.

Brisbane Times is tipping the return of BB to kick off in July 2012 -but has it taken into account that the Olympic Games will be staged from 27th July to 12th August?

History has shown us that networks, and rival networks, always plan their years around events of this scale. Nine could opt to launch BB following the Games, it will be a golden chance to reboot their schedule. Of couse the later it starts the less clad those housemate bodies will be….

There has been much speculation that BB will be stripped at 7pm, following the success of The Block, rather than being a property for GO! There has even been one suggestion Nine could strip The Voice. Where will it end?

There is still no confirmation on the host or location of the new-look BB. But Queensland Premier (and former Reality TV participant) Anna Bligh has been making noises about wanting the show to return to the Gold Coast.

Dreamworld spokeswoman Melinda Lloyd said the new cast and crew would be “more than welcome” to return to its traditional home.

“The shell of the old house is still there,” she said. “It would be very cost-effective for them to move back in, and we’d certainly welcome their return.”

Meanwhile, the show’s logo on its Facebook page is a bit of a mix of the 2001-2004 shape and 2005-2007 style.

The show returns next year as Big Brother: Secrets.


  1. Rumours i hear maybe just maybe it is posibly that (Ben Mccormack from ACA (A Current event) from channel 9 will be the new HOST of the BB daily show as a voice background. And posibly something to do with the Big brother weekend games.

    Will let you know more about it. But like they say. words cant be spread out instantly or you will loose the money if its been revealed.

  2. I think 4 things could save this show for the nine network.

    1. They could. Completely re-brand it. Give it a whole new look and feel for a whole new audience. Which means no more Gretel. Mike. Bree or Fitzy.

    2. They should have 2 shows per week on the main channel (a weekly wrap up and an eviction) and the other nightly shows should be on Go!.

    3. Sorry joanna, but I agree with Millie and the others on this. Nat Garonzi would be fantastic. Gretel was great, funny, insightful strong and sensitive and mostimportantly, relatively unknown. Then Kyle and jackie o came in with their ego’s and made it all about themselves and didn’t really care.ow died. Natalie is perfect for the role. Confident, witty, quirky and has plently of pressured live tv experience to boot.

    4. Good hosemate choices. Long term housemates have been loveable, relateable, intelligent and not just ‘litttle tarts’. Making the house 80% personality and 20% looks would be a good decision.

    Good luck I say. I’ll be watching.

  3. @ tvluva- I agree with you completely, Big Brother on 9 even sounds wrong- completely not a fit for them.

    @Millie- Natalie is a complete turn off for me- then again the whole of ch 9 is

  4. Natalie Garonzi is a brilliant idea! I can’t believe i didn’t think of her. She was great on x factor! Even with BBs bad reputation, i think she alone could actually sway people!

    I’m suddenly excited!

  5. Out of date show that might have had another season left in it if it was on 11 or 7mate. Just not for a rubbish station like 9. I’m sure shelly craft or Jules Lund will give it it’s final kiss of death.

  6. Three reasons Not to run this over-hyped idiocy:

    #1. Anna Bligh wants it. That cannot be good.

    #2. Channel Nine is running it. That will not be good.

    #3. It was out-of-date a long long long time ago, and is now tired, pathetic and nothing can save it nor change it to make it better. But they could make it a lot worse. Easily: get Julia Gillard to be the “host”. By the time it gets up, she’ll be looking for a new job. It’s almost within her intelligence to grasp the concept, too.


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