Big Brother: Secrets to air on Nine in 2012

It's true. Big Brother is finally set to return to Australian television in 2012 -on Channel Nine.

Big Brother is finally set to return to Australian television in 2012 -on Channel Nine.

The Herald Sun reports the show will return as Big Brother: Secrets, where every housemate has a secret.

In April TV Tonight suggested the show could be revived on a digital channel by tweaking the show around the French version: Secret Story. In that series housemates are compelled to interact with one another to try and discover each other’s secret and win cash prizes. The format encourages housemates not to fly under the radar.

TEN is believed to have to bid on the new series, but Nine is said to have signed the deal today.

“I understand we are doing it,” a Nine source told the newspaper.

But Nine is also determined to let viewers know it won’t be the same old Big Brother, and will likely be produced on a slimmer budget.

There is no word yet on the host.

The show last aired in Australia in 2008 but fans have always longed for its return.

Update: I have now confirmed the story, with sources, but it’s “early days” on all the details…

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  1. Im excited about big brother returning but Im not so sure about the whole secrets thing. I mean I cant see them really doing much else apart from trying to find out someones secrets. Whats the point of having friday night games when from what I have read the person who guesses someones secret will get to go in the rewards room and the other is up for eviction so friday night games would be for nothing. To me that would mean people would have to find out at least two secrets per week so people can vote on the two people up for eviction. I think they should keep the original format with friday night games and a few little extra things to keep people interested. I think once people start finding out people secrets it will get boring and people will only start watching at the eviction to find out who is going and what their secret was.

  2. I’m really excited for big brother to come back. But, along with everybody else I have a feeling channel 9 is going to ruin the show forever. Channel 10 is where it belongs.
    And also don’t use an existing channel 9 host! They are all so annoying.. plus BB is best kept different.

  3. im an american but i love big brother uk .and hate big brother in the us .they have way hotter girls on the uk version .i love faye and maisy and lousie they are freaking hott .i hope big brother uk never ends .never saw big brother australia but heard it was off the chain well thanks

  4. I bet there will be a time when all audience watching BB show on channel 9 would want channel 9 to show more of big brother live.

    Jut like it did so with the up-late BB show
    Perhaps channel 9 since it will be the firs ttime they will host the show.. next year for the first time. It will be a see how the show went in ratings. And if things are very succesfull all thru the big brother season then perhaps in the year 2013 they might bring BB Up-late show

    So one step at a time year per year step by step. Taking it easy and not collaps the ratings.

    but alot of audience would want everything back to how it was. otherwise your just simply going to hear that channel 9 is not showing much of big brother show at all and it feels less of big brother reality show… People would expect to see the full ideal of the big brother reality tv show all the way day by day night by night. Not simply just a nice 1 hour per day or night of big brother show and thats it.

    Channel ten did alot though.. big brother updates even during midday lunch time 5minutes updates. then nightly big brother highlights of the day… then big brother up late during the nights… then the eviction shows on a sunday.

  5. Hi if big brother show returns… and then its desided to return the following year after that in 2013 and then 2014 and so on. Shouldn’t the show have a number of a series of its it going to be somehting like (Big brother: secrets 1) 2012
    then Big brother: secrets 2) 2013

    Not sure how thats going to sound like but i dont think it will simply be called just big brother: secrets.

    It has to have a series number. Not sure how they will do that since 2009/2010/2011 has missed out of the bb series.

    Last series was in 2008 and it was big brother series 8.

    I dont think it will then be called big brother series 9 for 2012. But it does sound nice since it will be on channel 9 been a series of series 9 🙂 but who knows.

  6. I cant wait for big brother to return. If big brother show isnt as great as it used to be during ch10 then it will be so boring to watch it.

    I mean who wants to watch something pre-recorded or something like big brother show virtualy in its scene.!

    I like the traditional big brother style of the show it shows more of peoples personality rather then less about bb show.

    They better return the up-late shows of BB coz it was good when i was in bed relaxing and watching. Just like as if you would watch someone on cam allnight long.

  7. I so want to be on Big Bro.It seems that you have to spend lotsa dollars on photo headshots, because your own personal photos are not good enough.Personal photos would actually be better to show the raw genuine side of everyday people instead of a superficial, stereotyped images.Thats what should make up the dna of any tv reality concept.

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