Body of Proof fast-tracked

Seven fast-tracks new episodes of Body of Proof just over a week after its US season premiere.

Seven hasn’t been scheduled many fast-tracked US shows, presumably because it’s winning without needing to go there.

But Body of Proof will be fast-tracked just over a week after its US season premiere.

This will see it segue from Season One straight into Season Two.

The new season begins at 9pm on Monday October 3rd.

For viewers in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth there will be a double episode due to no episode next week because of the Brownlow Medal.

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  1. Theyre probably not planning to fasttrack Criminal Minds, but may do so in a month or so when another show fails. In 2010 they brought new episodes in when The Event failed, and in 2009 when FlashForward/Mercy were struggling. I suspect Castle will be the same case.

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