Brownlow rules Monday

If it’s Brownlow Night it must be Seven, which annihilated the opposition last night with a 37.6% share to Nine’s 22.55 and TEN’s 20.2%.

The awards night is the great divide in viewing, with a huge 743,000 viewers in Melbourne and just 27,000 on 7mate in Sydney. The winner was Collingwood’s Dane Swan.

Meanwhile Seven ran entertainment shows The Force, Body of Proof and Castle in Sydney and Brisbane, making straight comparisons difficult.

But at 7pm before the Blue Carpet began, Home and Away won with 1.05m viewers ahead of ABC News (993,000), The 7PM Project (778,000) and in fourth place, Nine’s belated move to resume Two And A Half Men replays on 763,000.

With Melbourne’s gaze on one event it was a bit tricky for all other shows last night.

On TEN Junior Masterchef took out 955,000 with 337,000 of them in Sydney, followed by Undercover Boss Australia (796,000) and a Law And Order: SVU repeat on 527,000. At 10:30pm Good News World was 241,000.

Farmer Wants A Wife loved up 864,000 on Nine followed by the movie Four Holidays on 529,000. Next week Nine brings back the more competitive The Mentalist and CSI: Miami.

On ABC1 7.30 / Australian Story were 671,000 / 656,000, followed by Four Corners / Media Watch on 616,000 / 628,000 and 533,000 for Q & A.

At SBS Mythbusters was 306,000 with Swift And Shift Couriers down to 222,000.

Neighbours pulled 336,000 on multichannels.

Week 40



  1. Everyone in our house was trying to figure out what it was. A fashion parade or something? Anyway, we soon switched over to JMChef. Oh, need I add, we’re in NSW.

  2. I enjoyed the count, yeah some of the fillers in between rounds isn’t really necessary, but it’s all part of the “show”. At least 7 kept those interuptions brief and relevant for the most part.. Bruce is the right person to MC, he loves the game more than most and he did a great job.

  3. Armchair Analyst i don’t think the ratings are big because bruce is the host. i think you’ll find many afl fans thought his performance last night was cringeworthy. i said they should stop trying to make the productions of everything ground breaking entertainment. they seem to put all their effort into promos and lazy susans. just interview the players as the come in, make it simple

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