Charlie Sheen settles case with Warner Bros.

If Charlie Sheen really is getting $100m then nobody is saying, but the lawsuit with Warner Bros. Television has now been settled with terms being kept under wraps.

Both sides agreed to settle after Sheen filed a case claiming he was unjustly fired from Two and a Half Men.

Last week there was speculation he would net $25m to drop the case, and other stories suggested he would eventually make around $100 million in syndication profits.

The official Warner Brothers statement reckonss that the settlement had been agreed “to the parties’ mutual satisfaction.” And don’t let the door hit you on the way out?

Sheen had also sued producer Chuck Lorre, but that action was also settled. All the parties had “agreed to maintain confidentiality over the terms.”

Prior to the settlement, executives had said Sheen was not likely to be paid for the episodes that were not produced, nor was he likely to receive any fee from syndication sales of future episodes that star Ashton Kutcher.

But the studio was prepared to pay him an undisclosed amount for the syndication sales of all episodes of the show that he had starred in.

Source: NY Post


  1. For most people $25m would be enough to retire on and spend the rest of their lives spending it, in great comfort. But most people don’t party as hard as Charlie, his sort of partying costs a lot I guess.

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