Cop Shop reunion

Former stars of Cop Shop will appear in a reunion in this evening’s edition of Today Tonight.

The long-running Crawfords drama aired on Seven from 1977 – 1984.

This reunion was held at the Glenferrie Hotel in May (and at last it’s getting an airing) with actors including Terry Donovan, John Orcsik, Paula Duncan, Gil Tucker, and Greg Ross.


  1. Thank you so much David I wouldn’t have known about this if it wasn’t for this site. Shame on Seven though it all just seemed so rushed. Shows like Rush, Offspring and Rescue Special Ops can learn a lot from Cop Shop, there is a reason why they are languishing in the ratings.

  2. Why is this being shown on a Friday night when TT gets its lowest figures and next to no promotion? Along with Prisoner, Sons & Daughters, Neighbours and Home and Away this would have to be one of Australia’s most popular dramas ever.

    Also why isn’t WIN TV repeating this along with all their other Crawfords productions at 2am in the morning? Although I would prefer to see it on one of Seven’s digital channels in a prime time slot.

    Loved how it was on for the full year, twice a week with each story going for 2 episodes with the main characters continuing and almost always ending in a cliffhanger, giving it a nice soapie element. The time period of this show really marks the hey day of Australian drama.

  3. This will be one of those rare occasions where TT is must see tv. Big fan of Cop shop & remember watching the series in repeats back in the mid 90’s. And agree that this and other classic tv shows from the 70’s should be on DVD. Sad though that the guy who played “JJ” is no longer with us.

  4. Hey, David… is it worth looking at a story as to why Bruce Gordon (I understand owns the old Crawford Production house rights – please correct me if I’m wrong) doesn’t seem interested in releasing Crawford TV classics on DVD?

    Homicide, Division 4, Cop Shop, Matlock Police, Solo One, Carson’s Law, The Sullivans, The Box, Bluestone Boys, Bobby Dazzler, Bluey and The Flying Doctors… even Ryan and Hunter spring to mind.

    Gawd, there’d even be enough episodes to feed a separate stand-alone Pay TV channel.

    Why, oh why hasn’t this happened?

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