Downton Abbey: trailer

Here’s a peek at the trailer for Season Two of Downton Abbey.

It’s not sounding a lot like Seven will fast-track this season.

Yesterday Nine confirmed a number of fast-tracked shows, desperate to lift shares in the final quarter of the year. Seven isn’t under quite so much pressure and has possibly decided the older audience for Abbey isn’t as subject to downloads.



  1. hi
    im 14 years old and live in australia dose any one now when it airs in Australia i cant find out im nearly dying if i dont find out soon this is the most amazing series my grandma lives in england and told me it excellent just post on this page if now when it airs

  2. I am not a major fan of period dramas (usually)
    Having watched Season 1 of Downton Abbey, I cannot say that (in my 40+ years) I have had the privelege to watch a better quality drama production. Ever.
    If it has any fault, it is in both it’s addictive nature, and to highlight the sub-standard quality of regular television served to us on a daily basis.
    Channel 7 will not need to bother to air this show for the benefit of fans of Season 1. Anyone who has seen Season 1 will simply refuse to be held to ransom and actually wait for this to come on to free to air tv. Any existing fans of the show will well and truly already have Season 2 in their DVD / Blue Ray collection long before Channel 7 airs the first episode.

  3. This is one of the best shows to air in a long time – I’ve watched all of series 2 (tracked it down on I just couldn’t wait until after the new year for it to air here. Also, there will be a Christmas special, airing in the UK December 25th, so I don’t know when channel 7 are planning to air that, as I’m guessing the plot to it will be pretty important for season 3 (which will air in 2012 in UK).

  4. I have seen the whole 2nd Series and it is better than the first. Watched all 8 episodes. Outstanding. Bah Humbug to Channel 7 for not fast tracking.

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