Farewell: Rescue Special Ops

Minor Spoilers: Tonight the final ever episode of Rescue Special Ops will air on Nine, bringing to a close the Southern Star series about paramedics who specialise in rescue operations.

After three seasons the show will end as it began, with a mix of alpha-males, action and romance, often at the same time together. There seemed to be so much flirting on this series that it was sometimes surprising people got rescued at all.

Whenever I watched Rescue I always hoped there would be an episode that would break from the pack with a ripping script and taut direction. Sadly, I don’t remember seeing one.

Instead there were too many illogical choices by characters, with clunky dialogue that too often described verbally what it was already showing me visually. This is despite some well-stage stunts and nifty cinematography. Amid it all, Les Hill held up as the backbone of this show.

Whilst it hasn’t been a high rating show for some time Rescue has amassed a loyal, if modest, band of followers who will be sorry to see it go.

In terms of story the final episode doesn’t quite close the door, perhaps being finished without clarity from the network about its future.

I’m not really sure what the show’s legacy will be, but perhaps it is in establishing a new female producing duo in Sarah Smith and Julie McGauran. Showing they aren’t about to rest on their laurels, they have since moved onto Wild Boys, with telemovie Dripping in Chocolate next in their sights.

And that’s not such a bad legacy after all.

Rescue Special Ops finale airs 8:30pm tonight on Nine.


  1. pleassssssee bring back special ops we are in the uk, but me and my family watched everyone of this series and it is the best thing on sky , hope dean and lara become an item , how can you stop something which is so got petition time i think

  2. I live in the U.K but I Love Australian tv show there the best of all every week night I watch Home & Away and Rescue Special Operations, Rescue is such a good show there may not of been that many people that watched it but we select few loved it. I hope they change their mind and bring out a new series 🙂

  3. Rescue Special ops is best i have seen on tv in uk and i’m already buy dvd is season 1 and 2, so i love it part of it.

    i got is sea patrol dvds from my family live australia give me of dvd by the sea patrol!

    sea patrol than now rescue special ops is axe feel me is not happy and sad.

    Im in UK!

    🙁 🙁 🙁

  4. I have just read this news and I am gutted! My wife and I watched this program from the start and we loved it, if it wasn’t getting the ratings it’s because it wasn’t advertised enough!! What a waste!!!

  5. Francine Gobswattle

    Recue Sperial Ops is amazing!!! i cant believe that they are taking it off and not producing another series, its to good to be let go. its so intense and it ended in the most disapointing way possible… so they have to have another series now.. 🙂

  6. I hope it does come back the story didn’t end it’s just left us with an empty hole that needs filling 🙁 plus it was drama that got your blood pumping, you don’t get much of that these days.

  7. I think it might be coming back. Coz a friend of mine has a friend that works for channel 9 and they say they might bring it back but they aren’t sure yet

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