Gone: Same Name, $#*! My Dad Says. Bumped: Top Gear Australia.

When it doubt just play more of The Big Bang Theory, eh Nine?

Try not to look surprised.

There are more changes in Nine’s schedule after a very average week.

On Tuesday $#*! My Dad Says is out after a return of just one week. It’s replaced by more -wait for it- Big Bang Theory, now screening from 7pm – 8:30pm.

Top Gear Australia is also pushed back to 9:30pm replaced by an Under Surveillance special -also after just a single week’s return.

Nine still hasn’t sent amendments on these, and it their 10:30pm slot is still empty with a TBA.

Meanwhile, uninspired Same Name also goes from Wednesday nights after just one week. It will be replaced by the doco series Ocean Giants at 7:30pm.

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  1. That’s crap! Big bang theory drives me bloody nuts I hate it so much! How could you axe a show after one week? I actually really enjoyed “same name” and was looking forward to the Mike Tyson episode! You gotta give it more than one week to give it a chance!!!!!

  2. @Noel:
    I was hoping someone would ask that. That was episode 5 from Season 3 – The Horse Whisperer.

    Either Nine misled in its advertising, or it skipped that episode during the year and showed it last week as new.

    David can you clarify?

  3. Why dont C9 just announce a whole number of programs for a certian time and everyone can vote for the one they want. The program with the most votes gets shown and the program with the least votes gets sent back to the makers never to be mentioned again.

  4. David, I’m proposing a ‘Who wants to be a programmer’ comp for Channel 9! 7 nights, 6pm to 10pm, program the shows Nine have rights to (Nine, Gem, GO) and create two new ones! Winner voted by TVTonight readers. Call it ‘The Elton’ after Ben’s fabulous two week run!

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