Gone: Top Gear Australia

After next Tuesday night Nine will pull its remaining episodes of Top Gear Australia.

After next Tuesday night Nine will pull its remaining episodes of Top Gear Australia.

Three episodes with Shane Jacobson, Steve Pizzatti and Ewen Page will sit on the programming shelf, probably to air during summer.

Instead Nine will play replays of the UK Top Gear in the 10:30pm timeslot.

On September 20th Nine has the return of Two and a Half Men at 8:30pm followed by The Joy of Sets and the Charlie Sheen Roast.

Producing Aussie episodes was always part of the deal Nine had with the BBC’s rights holders.

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  1. Good to see Channel 9 up to their normal tricks, starting a show in one time slot and slowly putting it later and later till they take it off. If they arent going to show TGA, give it back to SBS.

  2. I am a car nut and in my opinion it is irrelevant what time slot it goes into (most people record programs for more convenient viewing anyway) and how long it is.
    cr*p is cr*p is cr*p and this is utter no ifs or buts one of the shabbiest pieces of cr*p I have ever seen.

    The presenters don’t work well together (they don’t mesh)
    There is way too many topics and they spend so little time on each area they appear to jump from topic to topic and commercial break after commercial break that it accentuates the disjointed feel
    For example, they get into a topic (e.g. speeding) and spend 2 minutes on it max !
    The topics are puff pieces at best – what kind of car show doesn’t have at least 30-40% of its show devoted to car reviews!?
    The car race track is terrible (dirty, small and poorly laid out).
    The Ute on the track adds insult to injury

    In short I am glad this has gone and I am not trying to compare it to the UK version because they have developed over many years and that would be an unfair measure.

    I wouldn’t watch this if it was the only Top Gear program out there.

  3. Maybe Top Gear (The Brand) should take Channel Nine to court for breach of contract and corporate sabotage… they would probably be well within their rights to forcibly revoke Channel Nines tights to both shows and hand them over to SBS…

    The Corporate sabotage would be the big one… Channel Nine’s handling of the Intellectual Property has caused servier anger and back lash against the brand as a whole… Heck do we even get to watch Top Gear US… No…

    Dear Jeremy Clarkson…do us your long term fans a solid and revoke the rights and give them to someone who will treat them right.

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