Gossip Girl: trailer

Sorry Warnie, Liz Hurley is about to get it on with Chace Crawford in Gossip Girl.

Here’s a look at Gossip Girl‘s fifth season with Liz Hurley as guest star (Warnie, you’ve just been upstaged by Chace Crawford).

There’s a lot of West Coast scenery going on here… which would kinda make it The OC wouldn’t it?


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  1. Not super excited about this season…it’s obvious Blair’s engagement to that Prince she met in Paris isn’t going to last, and that they’ll break up by midseason. Probably by the 100th episode. The whole Nate has a cougar plotline was already done in season two and the past two seasons haven’t been as good as season one and two.

    That said, I’ll still watch. But I’m looking forward more to the Vampire Diaries season 3 and Supernatural season 7 – both shows are keeping it fresh IMO.

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