Gruen Transfer: Sept 14

Well I can’t wait to see this week’s Pitch on The Gruen Transfer: viewer Dave Willanski from Adelaide has asked for a campaign to privatise the ABC!

Hmm is it time for me to trawl out that “Still Number Four” clip again?

I think so!!!!

Wil Anderson welcomes back Todd Sampson (Leo Burnett), Russel Howcroft (GPYR), Dee Madigan (Socket), along with another new Gruen face, consumer psychologist and partner at Naked Communications, Adam Ferrier.

On tonight’s show:

Shampoos. No joke, Australians spend a massive $440 million on shampoo and conditioner a year. Bad hair is big business. According to one report from the US, 25% of women having bad hair days consider not leaving home. We have two key questions. Is the whole category based on dodgy “science”? And can Sunsilk’s Hair Superheroes save us all?

Advergaming. Corn chip company Doritos wanted to give its product some edge. So it came up with an idea specifically targeted at teenage males. Asylum 626 is a mashup of movie and online game. You log on via Facebook and Twitter. It uses your real life, harvesting photos of your Facebook friends and asking you to decide who gets to live. It this example of what they call advergaming perfect product engagement or a ploy to harvest personal information?

The Pitch:
This week’s Pitch comes from Adelaide’s Dave Willanski. He asked for a campaign to privatise the ABC. This made Wil just a wee bit nervous!
JMKvs Loud.

9pm Wednesday on ABC1.

Thanks to The Late Show:


  1. It does beg the question though. If the ABC continues to attract more and more viewers with it’s quality programming then isn’t that just potential revenue going to waste?

    By all means keep the shows commercial free as well as no banner ads but maybe some expensive product placement instead. If it means the actors, writers, producers, directors ect can get a decent wage working for the ABC then I’m all for it.

  2. … And yet I think The Gruen Transfer would most likely survive a post-privatised ABC – like most of ABC1’s Wednesday night programming bloc. It’s just 95% of everything else I’d worry about.

  3. I swear they have done Shampoo before… they must have covered it as part of another discussion.

    I do love the ‘Still Number Four’ clip, though. Sad to see the last show standing from that time, The Lawn Bowls, is leaving- guess they really are ready to stop being number four!

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