Is this the last Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Gen?

I really hope tomorow night’s season finale isn’t the last we’ll see of Talkin ‘Bout Your Generation.

TEN is yet to announce a return for the show for 2012 and there has been speculation it may not resume with host Shaun Micallef. It would be a real loss.

Tomorrow night there are three good-sport guests: Lorraine Bayly, Craig McLachlan and Jay Ryan.

If McLachlan only just passes for Gen X then I have no idea how Lorraine Bayly passes as a baby boomer. But she’s TV royalty.

For the record, here are the years each was born:

Baby Boomers:
Amanda Keller (born 1962)
Lorraine Bayly (born 1937)

Gen X:
Charlie Pickering (born 1977)
Craig McLachlan (born 1965)

Gen Y:
Josh Thomas (born 1987)
Jay Ryan (born 1981)

7:30pm Sunday on TEN.


  1. It hope it is not the last episode of TAYG either. It is a great show and TEN would be crazy to get rid of it.
    Come on TEN! Bring back TAYG! And put it on a decent timeslot!

  2. I sure hope this isn’t the last. It is a great show, probably not one everyone would enjoy, but great for a good laugh, and just for a change. If they do drop it, no doubt they will put something new and innovative (like a Cop drama!!) in it’s place 🙂

  3. Just watched on replay – and, oh no, I was laughing at Craig McLachlan 🙂
    @MandyJ has it right. His impersonations were top notch.

    Shaun said “next week” so it’s game on, although this would have been a fitting finale. Each to their own taste of course, but personally I have an appreciation for quirky humour.

    And @timmy, as much as I would like to see Newstopia back, I have been pleasantly surprised by Micallef’s “game show” presence over this time.

    Should TAYG be lost to future generations, I can only hope we see Micallef’s face and that man’s associated voice on the television in the near future.

  4. Ok, the show’s not finished yet, but have to speak up for Craig McLachlan here – his impersonations of actors speaking famous lines were a total highlight!

    PS I wouldn’t watch if not for Shaun

  5. If this is a Ten decision, can they really afford to be picky? If this is a creative decision by Shaun, however, then not much can be done about that. This format works mainly because of Shaun and I would rather it ended while it’s still good than have it with a new host (or languishing for several seasons).

  6. Shaun Micallef is the best host for TAYG. I don’t understand why TEN has not renewed it for 2012 season as it rates very well across the country.

    Must be another stupid Lachlan Murdoch decision.

  7. Shaun was interviewed on my local radio station on Thursday morning and he said that nothing had been decided for next year (they asked him if the show would be back). Shaun said that it was a great show and that he would love to continue to host it, but that if he wasn’t asked, he would still love to see the show continue in some way. He made it very clear, though, that nothing had been decided, but that he hoped that the show would continue. He also said that Lorraine Bailey is a “bit of a ring in” because she was born before the start of the start of the Baby Boomers, but that “she’s good value” so it doesn’t matter.

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