Joy of Sets for TV fans

Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee are two blokes who love telly. And so should you.

Their set has a stuffed Skippy, an Astro Boy doll, an Agro doll, photos of Karl Stefanovic and the Gold Logie, JR Ewing, I Love Lucy, Get Smart and Herbie the Love Bug (wait, wasn’t that a movie?).

Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee are two blokes who love telly and if you do too, then you’ll have some fun with their new show The Joy of Sets that premieres next Tuesday at 9pm on Nine.

In the first episode they look at Opening Title sequences, what works, what doesn’t and what are the dumbest ideas.

Esme from A Country Practice, you have been warned.

Worth a look if you’re missing TV Burp.

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  1. i reckon Tony Martin will be a big draw card, still alot of people remember him from the D-Generation etc, & more recently TGYH & the Panel. Hope ch9 gives it a good go before axing it, but i wont hold my breath on that one. Funny how im just presuming they will axe it already, gee wonder why ch 9…

  2. this show won’t last longer than “Australia’s Naughtiest Home Videos”
    it’ll be be yanked off midway through with the announcement “”We apologise
    for this interruption. Unfortunately, a ratings plunge prevents us continuing
    our scheduled program for the moment. In the meantime, we bring you an
    alternative program. another episode of 2 and a half men.”

  3. I enjoyed TV Burp.

    For a great show about Television, people should check out “Charlie Brookers Screenwipe”

    It seems this show will be doing similar stuff to that, but I doubt as well done.

  4. Im hoping this will be ok but the adverts arent looking too good , i use to love TV Burp , that was a funny show on 7 , only one season if that.Ill be watchimg Nine next week of course with the Two and a Half Men returning.

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