Judging time: Dannii for The Voice? Ricki-Lee for Young Talent Time?

There are two reports today on TV talent judges today.

One suggests Nine may be luring Dannii Minogue to The Voice and another that speculates whether Ricki Lee Coulter may judge Young Talent Time.

Signing Minogue for The Voice would be a coup, as well as undermining Seven’s stranglehold on Australia’s Got Talent.

All three AGT judges are understood to be out of contract, so it would suit any star to have networks bidding for their services. On The Voice Minogue would be part of a more mature vehicle, mentoring serious singers. On Australia’s Got Talent she remains an observer, watching on as everything from tap dancing kids to pole dancers wait for a verdict.

But AGT has been good to Minogue, giving her a platform and her early success helped open doors for a judging role on The X Factor UK. So she already knows the appeal of mentoring singers. On the other hand AGT is now a proven ratings hit. There are no guarantees The Voice will work.

Meanwhile, there are whispers that Ricki-Lee Coulter may be in the running for a judging role on Young Talent Time.

Coulter is a graduate of Australian IdolĀ  (as is host Rob Mills) herself, but I’m also intrigued to read it too may have judges as mentors. That certainly didn’t happen in its first run.

“We love Ricki-Lee, we’ve had a lot to do with her over the years, but we are yet to have any discussions about the judging panel,” a spokeswoman said. “It’s still very early in the process.”

Source: Herald Sun


  1. Dannii is perfect for a family show like AGT but I agree with the other comments saying she is all wrong for the look and feel of The Voice. There aren’t many Australian artists that could match the US judges, but Vanessa Amorossi would indeed be good. Although, I’m rather pessimistic about how it would turn out. Nine aren’t really good at making younger-skewing shows, particularly big talent formats like this.

  2. David is correct. For nearly all of its time on air it featured weekly constestants who were judged by performers and industry professionals including – Evie Hayes (US Musical Theatre star), Ronnie Burns, Fred Tupper, Ron Tudor, Honor Walters and Johnny Hawker.

    Notable contestants over the years included Asher Keddie, Alyce Platt, John Foreman, Maria Mercedes, Sylvie Paladino, Denis Walter, Marty Fields and Michael Cormick.

    So, while the regular ‘Young Talent Team’ (who were often cast from former contestants) might have been the backbone of the show, the weekly young contestants were always a major part of the program.

    The original Young Talent Time was broadcast from 1971-1988, with a total of 804 episodes (45 episodes a year).

    Here is Evie Hayes judging a very small Danielle Minogue when Dannii was a contestant on YTT – youtube.com/watch?v=v8w8LdkW6BE&feature=related

    And here is a moment with the original 1971 judges from the very first episode –

  3. Moanique in Brisbane

    Lol at all the people saying Danni isn’t good enough for The Voice, sorry peeps but The Voice isn’t good enough for Danni !

    @ David, I remember the contestants/judges segment on YTT very well. Evie Hayes was a lovely lady.

  4. Ricki-Lee to judge Young Talent Time. Young Talent Time never had judges. The children just preformed each week and you saw them improve. When they turned 16 they sang solo for the final time. Judging preformances will put too much pressure on children.

    • Kathy: This is incorrect. I think people have forgotten that YTT had 3 contestants each week. Many of the YTT team started as contestants including Dannii, Tina Arena, Karen Knowles, John Bowles and Joey Perrone. They were mostly judged by Evie Hayes and assorted others including Festival Records boss Ron Tudor.

  5. Unless they get international superstars, the voice will tank. And even if they do, they’ve gotta find the talent to pull it off…x factor, idol and agt struggle to find just 12 vocalists to make their live shows- and even some of those voices struggle, and wouldn’t get any huge stars spinning their chairs…. Once you strip story and look away, these shows have nothing… I wouldn’t gave announced the voice until it was fully cast- I smell another don’t stop believing coming on!

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