Letterman staying put late nights

It looks pretty clear that The Late Show with David Letterman will live up to its title and stay put at 11:30pm.

With the exit of TEN Late News and Sports Tonight at the end of next week, we’ve all been wondering what TEN might do with its 10:30pm slot.

So far it is yet to announce Amendments for the week of October 2nd (where the shows are technically still scheduled to run).

But late yesterday afternoon it did reveal some plans for the week of October 9. Presumably this gives us an indication of what to expect from October 2.

It looks pretty clear that The Late Show with David Letterman will live up to its title and stay put at 11:30pm.

Here are their other plans:

Mon Oct 10: TBA (Good News World perhaps?)
Tue Oct 11: NCIS: LA rpt
Wed Oct 12: Netball Series 2011
Thu Oct 13: Law and Order (new)
Fri Oct 14: Go Girls (new)

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  1. I know this might sound a little far fetched but how about some old Roseanne or Facts of Life or any other Eighties Comedies to replace the News/Sports Tonight Hour it doesn’t cost 10 anything as they were all paid for a long time ago.

  2. David, call me naive but one would think if you are dumping a show from a particular timezlot, you would have a plan in place as to what shows wil replace it.
    Otherwise, to be brutally honest, you look foolish.

    Sandra Suly & Brad MxEwan nice relaxing fun, Letterman boring .
    How about some juicy new series or comedy or trying a show that didn’t work first time and give it a chanceandsome promotion.

  3. Looks like they’re going to dump whatever they wanna get rid of there.
    They could of used that time for something good. 10:30pm on Mondays were great for years on 7 with Buffy & Boston Legal for example.

  4. Yeeesssssss Thank you so much Channel 10, Letterman is So Cool and Funny!!!!
    What you also could do is put The Late Show with David Letterman on at 10:30pm and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson at 11:30pm Monday – Friday on TEN. That would be Soooo Cool!!!!

  5. Good News World? Ahh, I think you’re probably being a little optimistic there! 😉

    Law and Order is the original series, that disappeared from Friday nights? Wouldn’t be surprised if it showed up there – but then, I wouldn’t be surprised if it silently also disappeared not longer after. :p

  6. Have you noticed that the Late Show episode information on the EPG has been blank for the last month? Same with Craig Ferguson’s show.
    I generally check every ep to see which guests I’d like to see, but for the past month or so Ten has been pretty slack in providing this info. They normally put it out for the week on a Monday or Tuesday, which I assume is when it’s available from the respective shows.
    Any ideas on why this has been occurring?

  7. It would be dumb of Ten to move Letterman on at 10.30pm and have it up against Fergie on Eleven.they could move Letterman forward and move Fergie to Ten at 11.30pm straight after Letterman,just like it is in the USA.

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