Melissa Doyle sets primetime rumours straight

Following media reports on the weekend that she may be eyeing a move to primetime, Sunrise co-host Melissa Doyle has again restated her commitment to the Seven show.

“I’m happy, I love Sunrise,” she said. “I’m under contract. I signed a new contract a couple of months ago. I love it, I’m happy, I’m committed,” she told The West Australian.

This follows her tweet on Sunday that also quashed rumours.

“Yes, look, I am here, every morning. I wouldn’t get up at 3 o’clock unless I really loved it. I’ve got to the point where you have to just say, ‘I’m here, I love it, there’s nothing more I can say’.”

Doyle watered down speculation that her guest report for Sunday Night last month meant she was planning a switch, noting that she’s doing less primetime hosting than previous stints with The Zoo and  Where Are They Now?

Sunday Night was a great opportunity; I’m a journalist, that’s what I want to do and being able to do feature stories for a program the calibre of Sunday Night is a privilege.

“Absolutely I’d love to do more but, if every time I do one, I get this ‘oh she’s going to do it full-time’ – maybe I won’t.”


  1. I think watching Melissa Doyle is like watching paint dry. She doesn’t contribute, never takes a side and is very boring. However nothing could make me sit through a morning of watching Karl Stefaloser over at Today. So I’ll be sticking with Boring Mel, Know it All Kochie, Rat Barr and the sports guy who seems OK.

  2. No matter what time, she appeared on TV,(am or pm) I would not tune in to watch any show that Melissa was on.

    Melissa is the most annoying and ever so fake personality on TV. She is so over the top it is not funny.

    I know it is off topic but I feel the same about Josh Thomas on Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation – I love the show, but cannot stand to watch it each week because of Josh… hence I don’t watch it.

  3. “I wouldn’t get up at 3 o’clock unless I could bathe in the $100 notes I earn for reading an autocue for a few minutes at a time.”
    Really? What idiot willingly gets up early in the morning unless they earn big coin for doing very little?
    Apologies to bakers, fruiterers, milkmen, garbos, newsagents, etc etc who do this and don’t pocket $500K – well maybe the fruit mafia does.

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