No decision on At Home with Julia

The final episode of At Home with Julia will air tonight as planned -episode four of a total of four.

While it’s true that six episodes were planned in early stages when it was under consideration for ABC2, only four were commissioned.

As is the fluctuating nature of TV, four episodes was all that ABC1 required. Rumours of another two being dumped, or supposedly not airing, are just that.

Whether the show returns for a second series or not is dependant on many things, principally whether the PM remains in The Lodge. It would be pointless to proceed if she were replaced. So ABC hasn’t considered whether or not to renew the show, produced by Quail TV.

An ABC spokesperson told TV Tonight, “While we are thrilled at the response we have had for At Home with Julia, exciting and dividing viewers alike, at this stage there are no plans for a second series.

“The Producers originally pitched six episodes but there were only four timeslots available in the primetime Wednesday night schedule, which we jumped at. Also, the nature of the program meant that time was of the essence in getting it to air.”

In tonight’s final episode Julia Gillard faces an audience at Q & A -but has her own battles to overcome to make it there in one piece.

It airs at 9:35pm.


  1. Charles from Wollongong

    Where the bloody hell are you?
    I tuned in to record the best laugh I have had in a while to discover only 4 episodes made.
    Please make more.
    Very clever guys and great comedy.

  2. I love ‘At Home With Julia’ and I’m very sad to hear that are only 4 episodes! More please! As to comments that it’s ‘sexist’ and ‘offensive to women’…all I can say is that I’m a feminist and like Julia, I’m in a serious de facto relationship (with absolutely no intention of getting married) and I earn more money than my guy…but I still find the whole series hilarious and I don’t get offended by the power imbalance jokes or when they make fun of couples not being married. When did we get so precious? It’s a comedy people, lighten up!

  3. One series is more than enough thanks. Julia may not be the PM by the time the second series airs and it will be irrelevant. The ABC has made too many commissioning mistakes in the last year, so they should try something else. Move on Aunty – you’ve done this once and got away with it, but only just. Know when to fold them.

  4. OMG im so sick of people saying this show is sexist
    Seriously, the woman on Q&A who said the pink dressing gown added to the sexist, oh please (groan) fact, women wear pink gowns, some men might but women wear them, somehow femenists think we should put women on a high purch and cant touch them, dont dare say anything, ull soon be hearing “Saying Julia Gillard is our first Female prime minister is sexist, what does it matter shes female”. The reason there wasnt a series on John Howard was cause that would of been boring, Julia Gillard has a distinctive voice, and come on, john howards cabinet was like a old peoples home, boring and depressing. Equal Rights means we treat both sexes equally, Not we put women in the untouchable catagory in the public sphere, there are worse things happening in the world that deserves attention, get some perspective

  5. Never watched it but should they ever bring it out as a box set will consider getting one.It’s a bit of silly fun in a world dominated by crime shows everywhere on a wednesday night so let it stay

  6. easy problem to fix, just make it a show about the PM, whoever he/she/it is. at home with tony could still have julia in the show, she would just be a secondary character no different from the way tony/ruddy or even paul keating were handled by the first season. come on ABC1 be creative and think outside the box, it would be a shame to waste good talent and great potential

  7. They could call it “After The Lodge”…

    Even if Gillard is not the subject, I would like some form of high-quality political satire to be on the box. At the moment AHWJ fills my silly quota nicely.

    I’ll even cross the loungeroom floor to see more of this.

  8. Script for “At Home With Tony” wouldn’t be hard to write. “No, no, no, no, no, no, no….., er, um, well, you know, er, no, no”.
    Sorry to be picky but pedantic me couldn’t resist – “…whether the PM remains in The Lodge.”. The PM will always remain in The Lodge. Whether it be Ms. Gillard, Mr. Smith, Mr. Turnbull or someone else is the question. Is it simply that Australia can’t accept a female PM? A female GG, State G, Premiers, may be OK as they are not the captain of the ship really.

  9. I say make more.

    Question is, so things change in Canberra, should they go a route of, at home with Rudd or the Abbott Family or something.

    Or stick with Julia. I think the key is, more political satire and send up of other political and public figures sprinkled through out.

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