NRL / Rugby World Cup schedule

Here are the times for Nine’s NRL and Rugby World Cup coverage this weekend, which includes live coverage of some events in Sydney and Brisbane.

But there is no utilisation of multichannels, while the Rugby World Cup is delayed on several broadcasts.

It’s the biggest weekend of football ever when Wide World of Sports showcases 18 hours of rugby league and rugby union – three days of crunching combat this Friday, Saturday and Sunday on Channel Nine.

The NRL Telstra Premiership Qualifying Final between Wests Tigers and St George Illawarra Dragons at ANZ Stadium in Sydney starts Nine’s massive weekend of coverage tomorrow night, live from 7.30pm.

The opening Rugby World Cup 2011 clash between hosts New Zealand and Tonga will follow the Tigers-Dragons clash on Friday night.

On Saturday it’s back-to-back NRL Telstra Premiership Qualifying Finals, first with the Brisbane Broncos and New Zealand Warriors live from Suncorp Stadium at 6.30pm, before the Manly Sea Eagles and North Queensland Cowboys do battle live at 8.30pm at the Sydney Football Stadium.

Nine then heads across the Tasman as Argentina meet England in their first World Cup fixture at Dunedin’s Otago Stadium from 10.30pm.

On Sunday Wide World of Sports, presented by Ken Sutcliffe and Giaan Rooney, starts a colossal day of sport on Nine at 10.00am and leads in to The Sunday Footy Show with Andrew Voss,  Andrew Johns, Brad Fittler and guest host Andrew Ryan at 11.00am.

Next up at 12.00pm is The Sunday Roast with Andrew Voss, Mark Geyer, Terry Kennedy and Andrew Johns tackling the big issues on and off the field with their irreverent brand of humour and style.

The Wallabies step out for their first confrontation of the Rugby World Cup against Italy on Sunday afternoon and Nine will be there live from 1.00pm AEST.

After the rugby test it’s back to the NRL with the Melbourne Storm, minor premiers, playing the eighth-placed Newcastle Knights, live on Nine from 3.30pm.

The voice of rugby league, Ray Warren, will lead Nine’s NRL commentary team. Joining him are Andrew Voss, Peter Sterling and Phil Gould, while Paul Vautin, Andrew Johns, Brad Fittler and Wally Lewis head up the expert panel.

Wide World of Sports’ expert rugby panel is led by Ken Sutcliffe. Joining him are former Wallabies captains George Gregan, Andrew Slack and John Eales, injured Wallabies prop Benn Robinson, and Nine sports reporter Tim Sheridan.

Friday 9th September
NRL Telstra Premiership Finals Series 2011 – Qualifying Final
Wests Tigers v St George Illawarra Dragons, ANZ Stadium, Sydney
Sydney / Brisbane: 7:30pm Live.
Melbourne / Adelaide / Perth: 11:25pm

Rugby World Cup 2011
New Zealand v Tonga, Eden Park, Auckland
Sydney / Brisbane: 9:45pm
Melbourne / Adelaide / Perth: 1:40am Saturday

Saturday 10th September
NRL Telstra Premiership Finals Series 2011 – Qualifying Final
Brisbane Broncos v NZ Warriors, Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Sydney / Brisbane: 6:30pm Live
Melbourne / Adelaide / Perth: 12am Sunday

Manly Sea Eagles v North Queensland Cowboys, Sydney Football Stadium
Sydney / Brisbane: 8:30pm Live
Melbourne / Adelaide / Perth: 2am Sunday

Rugby World Cup 2011
Argentina v England, Otago Stadium, Dunedin
Sydney / Brisbane: 10:30pm
Melbourne / Adelaide / Perth: 4:05am Sunday

Sunday 11th September
Rugby World Cup 2011
Australia v Italy, North Harbour Stadium, Auckland
Sydney / Brisbane: 1pm Live
Melbourne / Adelaide / Perth: 1:30pm

NRL Telstra Premiership Finals Series 2011 – Qualifying Final
Melbourne Storm v Newcastle Knights, AAMI Park, Melbourne
Sydney / Brisbane / Melbourne: 3:30pm Live
Adelaide / Perth: 12am Monday

NB: Matches and times are subject to change.
Please check local guides.


  1. Channel 9 are appalling in two ways. Not only do they schedule the ‘live’ RWC games (as stridentlyadvertised prior to the tournament) hours after the games are played, but when I have stayed up late at night to see the rugby they have sometimes put on some rubbishy replayed old films or sitcoms. Are they totally incompetent, or just blatantly dishonest? I have been seeing games
    live on Foxtel in pubs, always fully crowded with rugby tragics (yes, there are a lot of us, even in Adelaide), so Nine must know there were good ratings to have picked up if they had done the right thing by fans of this major world sporting event.

  2. please get rid of the kiwi commentators – its like listening to someone who has swallowed a chinese gooseberry while its still stuck in their throats – or give us sub-titles. Muppets!!! Who else uses this word???

  3. My initial excitement of the RWC being played in our timezone (no midnight starts) has been torpedoed by Ch9. It may as well not be happening – just what they wanted I guess. Whoever sold the tv rights to Ch9, have been ripped off. Worse than that Ch9 have ripped of Aussie rugby fans. It is the most pathetic RWC coverage I have seen – period. No excitement, no buzz. Clearly they are protecting their NRL interests, and I think it is obscene. Ealesy, Gregan and Slacky should be ashamed to be associated with it. Give the finals to pay tv, because Ch9 doesn’t give a rats!

  4. The coverage is appalling! You would think we are not a rugby nation with running repeats after the game had played. Wake up channel 9, let some other channel please the audience instead of being left waiting on a world event!!

  5. Does channel nine think the viewing public are a bunch of muppets? Declaring yourself the home of rugby and the wide world of sport brings with it certain expectations. Expectations your joke of a network obviously cannot meet. Rugby world cup games played many hours later and this is also for Australia games! Bringing the same attitude you have for news stories i.e. Drink driving grannies to sporting events displays pure contempt for all us non foxtel viewers. Inaccurate tv schedules and your tv tabloid drivel is pathetic. SBS, 7, ABC, 10 any channel but  nine please for future sporting events

  6. Channel 9 are rubbish. I’m praying they never get the rights to another sporting event. I stopped watching 9 a long time ago but would have made an exception for the world cup. Crap channel, second rate presenters, third rate shows and a complete wide world waste of time

  7. is the rugby world cup happening? because channel nine does not think so, the coverage or lack of it is pathetic, where are the games on tv, surely Australia is not the only team in the comp, wide world of sports channel my ass

  8. what really ticked me off was ken sutcliffe’s remarks about how good the opening ceremony was and “lets relive” some of it.

    1. channel 9 didn’t show any of it and still hasn’t (to my knowledge)
    2. showing us a 20 second clip from the opening ceremony a day and a half (or more) after the cup has started is just a slap in the face.

  9. I agree with the rest of you, why don’t channel nine put the Rugby world cup on GEM so we can see more than the Australia matches? Its just a disgrace, why bid for it if they aren’t going to show the games?
    SBS do such a better job.
    I don’t know who gives them the rights when they bid, but the winner should have conditions put on them, that they have to show at least 90% of the games live or within two hours of the live game.

  10. selected matches, other than Wallabies games, usually the ‘match of the day’ will be broadcast nationally on GEM, e.g. New Zealand v Tonga, Argentina v England

    I have fox, but if im a free to air watcher, im pretty happy about that! i don’t know what all the fuss is about

  11. Extremely dissapointed with channel 9’s coverage. You own three digital channels and still couldn’t put up the game live even though you are allowed to. Next time don’t bid for something you don’t really want – i’d rather someone like SBS have it – since they at least would show it live and would probably have replays as well.

  12. A one in 4yr event and one of the biggest in the world. All the hype in the build up and now this huge let down!! No opening ceremony, have seen clips on you tube and was spectacular!!! NZ is 2 hrs ahead of us and we are getting such late games! Bloody disgraceful Ch9!!!!!

  13. There are just no words to describe ch9….. They paid the highest price to aru..but that was really a protection fee for nrl…..

    When will any fta chanel realise that in all big cities there are fans of All sports….
    They all have multi channels so they should be trying to maximise appeal. Ch9 could have nrl one chanel, rwc another, afl another, and tennis on another….

    There was better coverage of iaaf on sbs 2 last few weeks than the rwc…
    Actually sbs do good sport coverage..think tour de france.

  14. Channel 9 should be banned from showing any international sports fixtures what so ever – if they cannot schedule live events of world sporting importance they are not fit to host them and as for GEM I would get better picture quality from a pirate TV station broadcast from someone’s garage here in melbourne.

    It is a pity that they are already screwing up the rugby world cup heaven only knows what they will do to the olympics.
    This crap TV coverage should make them a laughing stock – and no self respecting international sporting association should ever deal with them again

  15. So in NSW and Queensland they did’nt even get to see the opening ceremony?????? The IRB should be shot for poor media rights management. I would imagine if channel 9 tried this on with FIFA they would be sued into oblivion. As for channel 9 – well what can I say – I hope they never get rubgy or soccer world cup rights again. Disgraceful.

  16. What if the point having multiple channels if nine aren’t going to use them!?! What a disaster to swap to crappy nine sport for the RWC – foxtel must be laughing

  17. Even 3rd world countries are better off than we are…. Not only do they get live RWC… they even get to watch live NRL matches… none of this crap time delayed coverage……… The only way channel 9 will listen is if we all stop watching the prehistoric crap that they are putting on and hurt them in the ratings…. and thanks to the goverment i cant afford pay tv…….. half my money goes in tax, and the rest is spent on my mortgage and providing for my family…. and to think we all used to complain when there was 5 FTA channels……. now we have 15 and still we have very limited viewing choices…… if this isnt communism on the part of the media …….. i don’t know what is…….. or maybe channel seven pays 9 not to clash with its afl coverage… and maybe the same goes to foxtel……….

  18. Channel 9 your a disgrace. Whats the deal with the RWC coverage? No wonder I don’t watch this channel!! And for re-runs of Friends……disgraceful. The small number of people who actually like Friends would own the box sets. No-one will watch this. RWC is only on every 4 years – and you are delaying coverage. I am truly lost for words.
    Did I just read you are also covering the Olympics – thats just great. Another debacle.

  19. Nine has confirmed via Twitter that the Rugby World Cup opener between NZ and Tonga will be shown live on GEM in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth from 6pm AEST today.

  20. And no sign whatsoever of tonight’s Opening Ceremony for FTA, which is being produced by Australia’s David Atkins Enterprises. It is going to be spectacular (my husband has been working on it) and the majority of Australians may get to see a tiny snippet on the news bulletins. Very slack, Nine!!!!!!!

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