On the road in Sydney

TV Tonight has been on the road this week in ol’ Sydney town, a change of scenery from the usual abode of ol’ Melbourne town.

Have laptop, will travel.

My thanks to all involved in helping to make this happen and in coming days, and the odd week, you’ll see some of the fruits of this labour.

I don’t often share the behind the scenes info with my loyal readers, so here’s an overview of what I’ve been up to:

– Dinner with the captains from the Deadliest Catch and the Discovery Channel. Must try harder to win the crab race next time. A TV Week colleague went home with an iPad for beating me, dammit. Where’s that crappy crustacean?

– Dropped by The Morning Show at Channel Seven. Met with the lovely Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur (he made time after he whipped back from an interview with John Cleese). Caught up with rising star producer Sarah Stinson plus Michael Pell and Adam Boland.

– Visited Junior MasterChef but sworn to secrecy on just about everything and my life won’t be worth living if I bleat. I can say I had a great chat with Exec Producer Nick Colquhoun and a quick hello to judges Gary Mehigan, Anna Gare and Matt Moran in between takes.

– Attended shoot for The Gruen Transfer, caught up with Wil Anderson, Todd Sampson, Russel Howcroft plus producers Andrew Denton and Anita Jacoby. The episode airs next week. Warm up man was Tommy Dean but Wil worked the crowd very diligently.

– Visited Foxtel’s very swish bulding in Macquarie Park for a chat with Director of TV Brian Walsh and a few chats with several channel staff. Scoops coming…..

– Surprise visit to Mediaweek’s new offices in Potts Point. Note to self: don’t drop in on deadline day. Sorry guys!

– Radio interview with the lovely Fran Kelly on ABC’s Radio National.

– Attended launch for Spring, FremantleMedia’s new production venture where every Programmer that matters is here. Maybe it was just so they could soak up the view of from the million-dollar penthouse on the 38th floor of a Darlinghurst tower. After a few drinks these daily competitors were all swapping war stories, trying to avoid saying too much in front of media. One exec kept up the heat on me for apparently spoiling a major event with an earlier scoop. Knew it would bite but it’s part of the job when a scoop is a scoop -and no embargo was broken here.

– Apologies to Good News World for being unable to squeeze a visit it.

Through all of the above I still had to keep stories dropping on the site for you guys. Can I sleep yet?

Thanks for the sunny weather Sydney, now back to Melbourne …but don’t quite think I can make that Wild Boys launch today. Doh.


  1. David, you visit JMC and you can’t say anything. Julia Gillard visits JMC on Friday, and Page 2 of the Saturday Daily Tele has a large photo of JG with some of the kids, with the faces of 4 of them clearly visible. Gary is quoted about JG’s visit, and one of the kids is called Jack.

    Seems JG is more important than DK.

  2. Did you cross that 10 million pound bridge of theirs? The one shaped like a coathanger. 😉 Or have you been there so many times it’s now blase.

    Seriously thank you and I’m glad you can still update. Though it’s a mystery how or when you sleep.

  3. Sounds like you had a total blast in our beautiful city. The weather here this week has been fantastic, so you picked a good time to come up. I’ll look forward to reading your stories, but I note no mention of anything at Channel Nine.

  4. Thanks for the update David! I chuckled at the “Foxtel’s very swish building in Macquarie Park” comment. Worked there for 3 years and never really thought of it as ‘swish’, but thinking of it now that I’m no longer there, I guess it is a pretty cool building. 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing. Behind the scenes stuff is always a super interesting read.. more please! Looking forward to your Foxtel scoop &/or any new shows you’ve heard rumors / can confirm.. Goss is good!

  6. @ David….I constantly wonder how you keep up the pace and when you sleep?!?!?
    Thanks again…for a great site and all the work you put into it….much appreciated… 🙂

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