Primeval spin-off set for Canada

British series Primeval is to have a spin-off co-poduction that will introduce Canadian characters.

British series Primeval is to have a spin-off series, set to be filmed in Vancouver.

The 13-episode series Primeval: New World will have new Canadian characters and stories created by an all-Canadian team of writers, as part of a co-production. Characters will move between the two series uniting different plotlines.

The new series is aiming to be darker and scarier than the current U.K. series.

“This is a truly unique opportunity, building a parallel yet independent series that will appeal to existing fans and new audiences,” said Corrie Coe, of Bell Media. “This new Canadian series offers a fresh world of possibilities in terms of characters and stories, while including some favourite elements from the original U.K. Primeval.”

The adventure fantasy series has more recently been airing in Australia on GO!

Source: The Province

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  1. I look forward to this i quite like PE, and can even liked the last 2 seasons.

    @wamdue: That makes no sense “I cant see there being a UK series to crossover with” “The UK series will continue on ITV” which one is it, will it continue on ITV or will the UK version cease.

  2. Hmmm… Dr Who had a spin off (Torchwood);
    That went into a transatlantic interactive crossover;
    The story & series disappeared up its own… fundament.

    Pray this doesn’t happen again… Just saying… 🙂

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