Renewed: Covert Affairs

Spy series Covert Affairs has been renewed by the USA Network.

Set to return for a third season, the drama starring Piper Perabo and Christopher Gorham has won another 16 episodes.

USA has also renewed Royal Pains for 16 episodes, its fourth season. Both dramas have aired in Australia on Seven, although the latter has been less successful with audiences.

Necessary Roughness, a drama which is yet to debut in Australia, also wins a second season.

“We had an unprecedented number of original series on our air — and every single one of them was great,” said USA Network co-presidents Chris McCumber and Jeff Wachtel. “Our writers, directors and producers truly understand what it takes to create sustainable success. It’s a rare and wonderful thing to announce the pick-up of our entire summer of programming.”

USA has already renewed White Collar, Suits and In Plain Sight.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. By any rational standard Covert Affairs is total trash that should never have been green lighted for one season, let alone two.

    It has clearly been financed by the Agency in an attempt to hide its dark side from the masses. No black sites, no extraordinary rendition, no extra-judicial drone killings or water boarding here, just pretty defenders of democracy who wear expensive shoes and receive handsome tech support courtesy of the CIA’s enlightened embrace of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    But it’s just so darn addictive!

  2. This is terrific news. I love USA Network programming, and was over the moon when I saw TV1 brought the pay-TV rights to Royal Pains after Seven stopped airing it after one season (which was moved between three timeslots). I am hoping TV1 will purchase season two once they finish airing season one. In regards to the others, I love Covert Affairs and Suits on Seven, Burn Notice and White Collar on TEN (even though they treat them like garbage with bad timeslots and moving them to sister chnanels), and unfortunately due to TEN constant moving of timeslots when they began airing In Plain Sight I was unable to fall in love with it as I have with the others.

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