Renovators homes ready for auction

There’s not much chance they will match the ratings of The Block finale, but the homes in TEN’s Renovators series will go to auction between Tuesday 27th and Thursday 29th September by agents Century 21.

Despite the lacklustre ratings, the finished products all look very good. I visited three properties, mid-construction and the half-done house was coming along nicely. From the sales photos online it’s hard to pick a winner (although I still can’t come to grips with the Fibro Cottage, even with its pool….).

Open Inspection will begin on several properties from Wednesday.

TEN has previously noted the ultimate winner of the series will need to survive the Live Auction Finale to take the top prize.

Here are the details according to and all have finished photos:

Auction: Tue 27-Sep-11 6:30PM
The Weatherboard, at 51 Franklin St, Parramatta in now a modern family’s dream with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a great sized entertaining and backyard area.

Auction: Tue 27-Sep-11 8:00PM
The Shop, at 146 Addison Rd, Marrickville has been transformed into an immaculate three bedroom, one bathroom abode in the heart of the suburb’s funky arts and crafts precinct.

Auction: Wed 14-Sep: 5:00PM -6:30PM
The Sixties Suburban has really come of age. Located at 15 Anthony Rd, Castle Hill, this former home stuck in a timewarp is now something to behold.

Auction: Wed 28-Sep-11 6:30PM
The Inner-City Terrace, at 12 Hegarty St, Glebe is a fantastically renovated three bedroom, two bathroom masterpiece. Featuring open plan living and a two feature fireplaces it has been described as a couple’s dream.

Auction: Wed 28-Sep-11 8:00PM
The Half Done House at 5 Frederick St, St Peters has really been topped off to perfection. Passed its Edwardian fascade this home has really been progressed into the 21st Century.

Auction: Thu 29-Sep-11 8:00PM
That leaves just the Fibro Cottage at 85 Harold St, Blacktown. This former little shack is now an entertainer’s or family’s delight with expansive outdoor living areas and modern indoor features.

Meanwhile, tonight’s episode marks the beginning of a four day Brisbane Special that has all Renovators, including eliminated contestants, travel to Qld to help out after the devastating floods that in January.

It airs at 6:30pm on TEN.


  1. Against everyones opinions I loved the show. I’m from Perth and homes, renovations and real estate in general here is very big! If the renovators did something like that here I would buy for sure!

  2. Yes, the challenges were annoying. Yes, it would have been good to see more of the actual work being done. But compared to The Block, this was way more entertaining, informative, and generally better TV. I hope they do a second series, with the same professional judges, who were far superior as presenters compared to Scott Cam and Shelley ?, who were just far too ott. And helping the Queensland flood victims was a great gesture. As a series on design, if you wanted to see a really dreadful one, look at that from Jamie Durie (Top Design), where the final was put on late at night because it was so awful.

  3. This show is great. Its for renovators by renovators. None of this silly hype The Block had! I loved The Block but it was very mainstream. I have learn’t loads from this show and can’t wait to start my very own reno. Thanks Renovators!

  4. The houses look amazing, unfortunately we barely got to see any of the renovation work because the show was all about ridiculous challenges. I stopped watching after the “paint the ceiling” challenge, oh my god who wants to watch someone paint a ceiling, yawn! It was also really hard to get to know the renovators because there were just too many of them.

  5. The show will not be returning and not suprised. The ‘warehouse’ is being sold for apartments, and David Mott has pretty much come and said there is not chance they are doing all this again! I have watched this show religiously – but I’m not blind to the fact it could have been so much better. It started on a crazy night (should have waited for The Block to finish), the eliminations are just purely despressing – and we have hardly seen any of them work on the houses. Bit of a disaster!

  6. Auctions? Do they not listen to what the market is saying – apparently important when renovating for profit. Why don’t they just get them subjectively valued so the producers can pick who they want to win like every other reality show?

  7. Same old Same old

    Really? I mean really? How is life on Planet Murdoch?

    Being positive though I guess there is something to be said for trying a new format (albeit borrowed from MC) in this genre. However, at the end of the day through all the challenges, smoke and mirrors no wonder they never show them renovating -there is just nothing new here looking at the finished product. Final shows may generate some passing interest but expect the low ratings and auction clearance rate to continue. Yawn.

  8. Four days in Brisbane then – out of however many shows there’s been so far then (40-50) exactly how many have been about the Renovations then. Seems to be once a week at best.

  9. Never watch reality TV and yet have only missed 2 episodes of The Renovators.

    The production values are superb, competitors cast brilliantly and Robyn Holt gives the show a lot of credibility.

    Really hope for improved ratings and a season 2 return though considering the budget I’m not expecting it.

  10. Totally agree with @Bella. Nice to see how far the houses have come, but all the work was pracically invisable while the contestants were dragged back to the warehouse every epidode for a challenge or elimination. That’s why we switched this show off a few weeks back…

  11. Trouble with the house in Blacktown is the house is too good for the area! They have done too much for the market out there. The Glebe house will easily get the best profit – the half done houses tiny little kitchen is not doing it any favours. I think the 60’s house will do ok as well as that is a very popular middle class and above area.

    Not sure why they never bought a house to be done up in the North Shore – property here is going up and up! Plus I’m sure everyone involved would have appreciated the ‘short drive’ compared to legging it out to Blacktown!!!

  12. Interesting looking at all the finished houses. That’s been one of the problems we haven’t really seen any work being done. Way too many challenges and eliminations in a week.

  13. Considering what Peter does in his white room challenges that kitchen in the half done house is disappointing. And for a family home why did they go for a completely unfunctional backyard?

  14. The Shop has 3 bedrooms and only 1 bathroom. That’s potentially 6 people 1 bathroom. So unless there is an ensuite in one of the other ones that is silly.

  15. @GG, when Ten recently unveiled their plans for programming in 2012, they stated that The Renovators would be returning. I don’t normally like reno shows, but this one has grown on me. They really need to tweak it though, as there are a lot of holes in the format. Also, six nights per week is too much.

    Sydney property market is still relatively buoyant. The most desirable suburb of the six is Glebe, the least desirable is Blacktown. Logic tells me that the terrace house in Glebe will make the most money

  16. Auction is optimistic… a year ago sure, but even in Sydney’s inner west, more and more houses are only selling at a listed price…. I reckon it will be like The Block auctions (obviously not ratings wise), if not worse… I wonder what the contingency is if none of them sell at auction?

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