Renovators warehouse set for apartment developments

There is increasing speculation about the future of The Renovators, with comment from TEN about the show’s possible future.

Now the site of the Rosebery warehouse is set for a renovation of its own with an application to develop apartments on a larger site to be known as Overland Gardens. The proposal consists of an eight storey residential building of 111 units.

TV Tonight understands the show’s warehouse, fitted out into Australia’s largest television studio, has a lease for its first season but discussions are underway as to whether a warehouse would comprise a second season.

Yesterday Chief Progamming Officer David Mott told the Herald Sun the show had been enormously disappointing.

“Discussions continue with Shine over certain aspects of the show – whether there’s life in it or not, how it could become another program or evolve into something else, whether there’s some brand heritage in it.

“They’re the conversations we’re having over it at the moment.”

Last month TEN said the show would be returning for 2012, but now there are doubts about its prospects.

“You pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on. That’s what we’ll be doing,” said Mott.

“We’ve always remained positive and we’ve been very faithful to the loyal viewers who have been there with it and also to our advertisers.”

Six homes will go to auction between Tuesday 27th and Thursday 29th September by agents Century 21.


  1. I agree that most of the warehouse challenges are a waste of time. What is the point of decorating a room week after week for it to be pulled down each time? If we were watching the contestants do this at their reno properties or in real peoples’ houses we might be more engaged with the process.
    Plus, and this is a huge issue for me, we have now seen the full, boring, range of furniture from Freedom so much that it has lost any fresh appeal and all rooms are starting to look the same. Not much room to move there, seeing they have tied themselves so closely to this sponsor. How many more times can the judges run their hands over a styled room and pretend they haven’t seen it all before?

  2. i really love this show + concept, yeah it needs tweaking, its not perfect, and theyre obviously listening to the viewers because ive noticed alot more on the actual renovations in episodes lately, which i think is a really good sign (for the brand and TV as a whole) really hope they can fix it up, theres lots of potential in it

    i know alot of you dont like the challenges, but how else are they supposed to select people to leave and give out prizes? (on an even playing field of course)

  3. @Steve Sydney – Like your ideas, I would even take it further by giving each team a fixed budget up front and let them choose and buy the property then and renovate it.

    the team which makes the most money ( on the whole project wins )

  4. These shows have no rules. The subjective nature of the judging means producers can steer the ship in any direction they like. There is no way kathy should have been eliminated the other night as hers was not the worse garden but they validated their decision when they could have easily sent just about anyone home. Bringing eliminated contestants back and shock twists and turns that happen midway through reality shows make a mockery of the word “competition”. This is just a boring tv show sorry.

  5. Have to agree with the pointlessness of some of the challenges. And my mother agrees with all those wanting more actual renovating. Every time we talk on the phone she spends much of it lamenting this point. Help me out here Channel Ten!

    My major concern though is that it has been very poorly defined. When it first began we were given no idea what getting a key to a house meant and why all the others would want to stay involved. It was only at the first elimination that we understood the keyholder could be eliminated.
    There was no clear pathway to becoming a keyholder once eliminated.
    The first house to get down to one renovator had their number added to. The next, not.
    We still don’t know what happens the first time a house ends up with no-one renovating. Do they sell it as is?
    And we still have no idea how the whole thing unfolds to the endpoint.
    I really do think if people have a clear idea of the rules of any game/sport/reality show, they are far more likely to be engaged.

  6. @Steve Sydney I like your ideas. Especially with having a house in each state. Living in Perth we tend to miss out on everythin

    To add to the list of changes. I think the working bee isn’t fair. Why take a team off their own house to go and work somewhere else.

  7. Aww thanks David. Pass it on to your contacts within the industry won’t you? LOL

    @mmh – I really do think having each state represented would be a good boost to the show. Currently all the houses are in Sydney yet the show has it’s biggest audience in Melbourne. Go figure..

  8. @steve sydney

    -To appeal to whole nation it would be an idea to have a house renovating in each state.

    i wouldn’t mind that or even to just have state based teams to renovate 6 houses in sydney or where ever

  9. I say give it another season.. as long as the following happens..

    -Less challenges and more actual renovating like what we’ve seen this week in QLD.
    -Keep Brendan, Robyn and Baz. Do away with Peter (strange beard) there doesn’t need to be 4 personalities driving this ship
    -Do away with the warehouse. There is just no need for it. Keep the hard work on site.
    -To appeal to whole nation it would be an idea to have a house renovating in each state.
    -Change the name of the show. ‘The Renovators’ as a brand is tainted.

    The advice is free to you Shine. Do something with it!!

  10. I love this show, and I really hope it is given a chance with a 2nd season.

    Can’t stand the block.

    I just love watching these skilled and talented people, such a refreshing change for RTV, these peopel can actually Do something more than just whine or cry.

    The contestants are simply brilliant.
    I like the judges too.

  11. This is sad news. I’ve really loved watching this season and can’t help but wonder if others might have too were it not for Ten’s poor programming choices. It’s much slicker than The Block, at the very least with product placement.

  12. The thing that annoys me about the show is the pointlessness of it. Why should we whittle down the competitors in challenges when the true winner of the show will win because of the renovation they do. However almost nothing of the renovations is shown. I am always wanting more of the renovations including the choices of materials, the green qualities etc. This is never done in any detail with hours given to challenges that make no sense really.

    What the format could be is no renovations until the final 4 weeks. 20 contestants are whittled down to 8 who then go on to renovate a house. The best renovator from this renovation, judged by the judges and viewers, would win the sale profit of the house.

    At least this way the challenges would make sense. In the final renovation the challenges could be all about the renovation of the house instead of pointless.

  13. Im actually quite enjoying the show and the how tos…I think if they held more off site team challenges where there is an ‘end result’ like the QLD Flood week, Im sure there are lots of opportunites out there for that sort, it would satisfy a lot of viewers..personally I wouldnt mind seeing more on the actual work on the houses, not only the physical, but also what else it takes – council requirements etc…would loved to have known what & why it took soo long for the terrace house plans to be approved

  14. I really wanted to like it coz it was another bold gamble by Ten. Production values are top notch and even the host is very amiable. But I just wasn’t grabbed by the casting or the format. Good on Ten for being ballsy enough to give it a go, though!

  15. Losing the studio would not hurt the show much. The main problem I have is the number of stupid challenges in the studio – when I want to see the renovations they are doing. The show needs to be more Grand Designs – and less Masterchef.

    I notice that in the last few weeks more footage from the houses has been inserted – but clearly not a lot of filming was done at the houses before this tweak was made. But it is an improvement – so another season may get the balance right.

    This last week – with the Queensland flood shows – has killed any momentum the show had. Noble cause and great assistance to communities in need – but not a great programming decision.

  16. The Renovators needs to renovate itself.  It’s a shame that a show that demonstrates hard work, giving it a go, creativity, working as a team and receiving criticism under pressure has to go.  It was never going to be another Masterchef.  In MC, at the end of each show, there’s a finished product – which most viewers would love to eat.  MC also has the ‘kid’ factor – lots of children love watching it.  No such luck for The Renovators.  Maybe it will have another life in a different guise.  Give it a go Channel 10. 

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