Returning: Junior MasterChef

TEN has revealed Junior MasterChef will premiere at 7:30pm Sunday September 25th, which will no doubt lift the network’s shares.

Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation has its finale this Sunday night.

Judging this year are Gary Mehigan, Anna Gare and Matt Moran. The show is rumoured to air twice a week, butĀ isn’t confirmed yet.

PM Julia Gillard has also filmed a guest appearance. The real one.


  1. Thanks, I’ll pass this course. I found Dani and Ellie of this series to be Junior enough!
    And I have seen the 1st look. Very much something for mum’s, dad’s & kids, whom are all ready to watch a new batch of keen cooks.
    I also saw one promo where a girl drops her cake and in front of our PM! I have no offence intended to the girl, as I’m a pastry chef, but you want to open the clip on a spring-form tin lift up the open ring and then slide the cake onto a rack. Push from the bottom & that’s how you’ll get a splat on the floor. Especially when it’s hot and when the pressure is on in JMC! They might need some help in this area from the judges. [i.e: helping her lift it out].
    Oh well, hope those that like it, enjoy it. Need I say more. I don’t want to start a anti-JMC rant!

  2. Can’t wait!!! I love this show. Omg. There is a reason that it rates its bum off and that’s because it is awesome. New season looks even better than what was my favorite show. Bring it!!!!! Normal MC was boring because there were no interesting people doing it. Hope they have some interesting kids this season.

  3. I will be watching Wild Boys. JMC wasnt bad last year but I didnt like it how they patronised jack last year by giving him 11 and 12’s out of 10 in the finale because he was losing. I know they did the same for Isabella but just score them normally.

    I know they wer ejust trying to be nice but it just came across so patronising. On the other hand the kids did cook some good stuff. It will be interesting to see how it rates without Matt being there.

  4. They should’ve stuck with doing a different spinoff format each year. The attitude towards JMC2 seems to be seen it all already. I think this will only tire the MC brand further while it could have been an opportunity to do the opposite by further expanding it to professionals, homeless, families ect.

  5. Saw the ad with a kid whose oven doesn’t work. Is this really the kind of pressure we want to be putting on our kids? I’m betting if they don’t do this right and sensationalise this season the backlash may be terminal for the brand. Let’s not forget ten are coming off a lack lustre season of MC, disastrous first up serve of The Renovators and now Junior MC – all of which follow the same format. How much can we take?

  6. Not as much enthusiasm for it like last time. Will probably watch the first episode and that’s it, unless there is something markedly different from last that would keep my interest!

  7. Just zero interest. Garry is the deal breaker for me. His arrogance has just become a huge turn off for me. Can’t stand the sight of his fake over excitement.

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