Returning: Send in the Dogs, CSI. Airdate: Prime Suspect.

Nine will be revamping its Wednesday night line-up from September 28th.

7:30pm Send in the Dogs: Australia
8:30pm CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
9:30pm Prime Suspect

The new season of CSI with Ted Danson, will be fast-tracked within a week of its US return.

The US adaptation of Prime Suspect will also be fast-tracked within a week starring Maria Bello, Aidan Quinn and Kirk Acevedo. Not sure how this one will fare given Australians have been so bonded to Helen Mirren, but it might make an interesting curiosity piece.

Send in the Dogs: Australia
Send in the Dogs – Australia is an observational documentary series about the extraordinary and little known work of Aussie police dogs and their handlers in tracking down criminals, missing persons, illegal drugs, explosives and weapons. It’s about the vital and intense bond that grows between the dogs and their handlers, who live and work together, and as a team solve crimes that no one else can.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
“73 Seconds”
Television veteran Ted Danson, an Emmy and Golden Globe Award winner, makes his debut on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation when the new series premieres Wednesday, September 28, at 8.30pm on Channel Nine.

Danson, best known for his role on the sitcom Cheers, plays D.B. Russell, the new CSI grave shift supervisor. He joins the team from a CSI unit at the Washington Crime Lab, following the unexplained departure of Ray Langston at the end of the last series after serial killer Nate Haskell went down.

CSI Russell breaks new ground in this drama about forensic investigators who work 24/7, scouring crime scenes to collect irrefutable evidence and find the missing pieces. He’s the unit’s family man. Like the CSIs before him he works his butt off on the job, but unlike them he looks forward to going home to his wife and four kids.

To Russell, every crime is a story and every victim a storyteller. On first meeting Russell, his unorthodox method becomes apparent when he is mistaken for a corpse, lying among several bodies, eyes closed as if in meditation. Russell solves crimes by experiencing every crime scene from the point of view of the victims. How did they get there? What were they doing? What were they thinking? After all, no one gets up in the morning thinking this day will be their last. He understands better than anyone the deeper meaning behind the obvious: that you live your life until you die. He knows this first hand. How? We find out as the series unfolds.

Marg Helgenberger returns in her final series as CSI Catherine Willows, the unit’s former supervisor, an investigator with a cop’s instinct for reading human behaviour. She is joined by the rest of the CSI team: Nick Stokes (George Eads), Sarah Sidle (Jorja Fox) and Greg Sanders (Eric Szmanda) who work closely with Captain Jim Brass (Paul Guilfoyle) as they solve the crimes that plague Las Vegas, America’s city of sin.

Prime Suspect
Series premiere about a NYC homicide detective, Jane Timoney coping with the sexism and harassment of her colleagues while pursuing leads in major cases. In this episode, newly assigned Timoney is bypassed on a case that should have been hers. Her complaints to her supervisor find a sympathetic ear, but little else until tragedy strikes.


  1. If the fast tracking of Prime Suspect and Charlie’s Angels work I hope Nine considers making some new Aussie drama along these liness. Halifax was as close as they ever came to a Prime Suspect style female-led drama and the 3 lead women in Stingers were always an Australian homage to Charlie’s Angels IMHO. If the Nine revamp get this they may stand a chance of turning the network around – but it’s going to take a while to get this kind of material commissioned.

  2. How about judging Prime Suspect without referring to the original? Not everyone has seen it…I’m looking for an objective opinion of whether this version is good – I don’t care about the old one.

  3. Secret Squïrrel

    Wow, what’s going on at Nine? – more fast-tracking! That line-up looks half-decent (well, except for the woofers) and hangs together quite well. It should provide a point of difference against ABC’s decent line-up. Let’s hope that Nine can stick with the program and that the program is not constantly changing.

  4. So that means CSI will be up against Glee and Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour

    ABC also has The Chaser’s new show and The Gruen Transfer set to run for another six weeks or so, this will be an interesting ratings battle

  5. In case anyone cares, CSI NY continues to run new eps on GEM every Saturday at 8.30pm (they are HD eps too).

    The Season 6 Finale airs tomorrow night then we will be 1 season behind the USA.

  6. Big Bang Theory (as you know TIM) returns in the US Sep 22 with a double ep, given the shows they have fast tracked I’d bet Nine will have it the following Monday.

    Beluga their is nothing wrong with the show, better than some of the new ones Nine are planing this season, not that I’d trust them given their treatment of some comedies they were planing for the start of the year but are yet to see the light of day.

  7. Wednesday nights are now more interesting. Looking forward to the new CSI season with Ted Danson,he’ll add an interesting dynamic to the show. Will check out Prime Suspect as well looks good.

  8. wont even bother i like send in the dogs but the last straw for me as far as nine goes was pulling send in the dogs for ACA sunday the only new show i will watch on nine is big brother and i am very worried that they will stuff that up to

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