RPA: Sept 21

Nine has a 90-minute RPA special this Wednesday night.

There’s a 90-minute RPA special this Wednesday night, the last for the time being as Nine revamps its Wednesday line-up with new programming next week.

Con has two skin cancers. The one on his cheek is quite small but he has neglected the other one for 14 years and it has eaten away the back of his head. He realises now that it could kill him if left untreated. Tonight he is told he will have to endure 14 hours of surgery to remove it.

Deidrie has just been told she has an eight-centimetre mass on her pancreas and needs major surgery to have it removed so doctors can find out what it is.

Breathlessness has given Bill, an artist, a big wake-up call. He blames the things he did in his teens for a failing heart in his 60s. Doctors intend to complete heart surgery on him to repair the damage but things don’t quite go as planned.

An awkward move on the basketball court 20 years ago has come back to haunt Melinda, 38. The mother of two active boys now requires reconstructive surgery to get mobile again.

Little Thelo is brought into Emergency after falling over at day care and hitting his head. He needs a few stitches before he is allowed to go home. But nothing is done until this inquisitive three-year-old has asked a lot of questions.

The RPA series is narrated by Australian actor and artist, Max Cullen.

Wednesday, September 21, at 8.30pm on Nine­.

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