Rugby World Cup: Aus vs Ireland

Australia meets Ireland this Saturday in the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

Melbourne is the only city that will see the game live on GEM, with a delayed broadcast in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

All cities will get the South Africa v Fiji game live on Saturday arvo.

On Saturday defending champions South Africa take on Fiji at Wellington Regional Stadium. Both teams have a win a piece from their opening games and another win on Saturday will put one at the top of Pool D.

The Wallabies play Ireland in their second Rugby World Cup game at Auckland’s Eden Park. Australia and Ireland both won their first round matches, with Australia beating Italy 32-6 and Ireland defeating the USA 22-10.

George Gregan heads up the Wide World of Sports’ expert rugby panel. Joining him is injured Wallabies prop Benn Robinson and host Tim Gilbert. Nine sports reporter Tim Sheridan will be joined by injured Wallabies sensation Digby Ioane.

Saturday Sept 17
South Africa v Fiji
GEM: 3:25pm Live Adelaide

1:55pm Live Perth
3:55pm Live Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne

Australia v Ireland:
6pm Live Melbourne

8pm Perth
8:40pm Brisbane, Sydney
11:30pm Adelaide


  1. Armchair Analyst

    Why would they make a stupid decision like that. It just goesto show that as well as stupidity Nine also are seriously lacking in consistancy although we all knew that didn’t we.

  2. this just shows the lack interest union/world union cup has to most australians. Its d-grade sport/event. Not in a millions years would the socceroos world cup games (Any) not be shown or delayed around australia. Christ! even the comm games (which is g-grade sport)are more relevant than the union cup but the comm games get major live coverage.

  3. Incredible! It is the World Cup that only happens every 4 years and Australia is playing in the only worthwhile pool game for them and Nine decides to show it delayed into the two major rugby cities in Australia. You can’t make up this stuff even if you try..

  4. I was interested last weekend to see how Nine handled the World Cup – hosts/commentators/breaks/overall package, but simply gave up, as I couldn’t find the matches I wanted to watch when they were actually being played.

    Now I do begrudge having to pay for the priveledge via Foxtel (given as every channel carries adverts), But thankfully I can watch every game when it’s on. Excellent coverage thanks FOX Sports. Absolutely hopeless Nine – why the hell did you bother paying for the FTA rights when you clearly do not understand the market for this event – you suck (big ones at that)!

  5. Disgraceful! I’d love one of the FTA’s to make something of the rugby. Buy one Super 15 game per week along with all internationals and after the utter disrespect shown by Nine, they should be excluded from bidding by SNAZR.

    Ireland is Australia’s hardest pool game without doubt and they have 3 friggen channels to air it.


  6. I’m in Adelaide and just seen an ad saying Australia v Ireland Saturday 5.30 on GEM. That would make it live, so maybe Nine have changed their minds. But why would they not just do this in the first place rather than release idiotic times for the game to be shown, cop flack from viewers, only to then decide to show it live. First decision should be show it live. On what channel, who cares.

  7. Nine are obviously hoping that they can pull a bigger viewer aggregate across the two games in the NRL states. The Saturday NRL game is now on earlier to accommodate for a earlier showing of the union. Surely they could have requested that the NRL game start later, say 8.15, to accommodate live coverage of both. Oh that’s right they want to fill the union with ads and assume that most punters

  8. David, Nine Perth have the game as live at 4pm on their EPG as of this afternoon when I got home from work.

    Very happy although why they can’t put it in live from the start has me confused…

  9. What a suprise delay dont forget TW’s spruiking the odds before the game with his hard hitting in depth analysis. Then he twirls a Stedden ball (RL foorty) instead of a Gilbert for the “home of the Wallabies”.

    Wouldn’t suprise me they will for Perth show stuff on Gem again thats live without telling anyone on the so called chick channel. Thats what Lisa M once told me was the channel for.

  10. Huh?? Just when you thought Nine couldn’t get any more stupid. Why can Melbourne get it live on GEM, yet the other cities can’t? That just makes no sense at all. And why the late 11.30 timeslot for Adelaide, when even Perth is 8pm. Nine are just idiots. And even more stupid, the game with Australia playing is the one being delayed. Who makes these decisions??

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