Rugby World Cup Channel launches

FOX Sports has launched a dedicated 24/7 Rugby World Cup Channel ahead of the Rugby World Cup 2011.

The channel will be available to Foxtel and Austar subscribers on the existing sports tier and will include all 48 Rugby World Cup matches Live and in HD with no ad-breaks during play.

The Opening Ceremony airs live 5pm AEST on Friday.

With only one week to go until the Rugby World Cup 2011 in New Zealand, FOX Sports 3HD and FOX Sports 3 will become the home of Rugby from Monday 5 September to Sunday 23 October.

Live pre-game shows will feature before every match with Australia’s most recognised Rugby commentary team of Greg Clark, Tim Horan, Phil Kearns, Greg Martin, Brendan Cannon and Rod Kafer behind the mic to call all Wallabies matches plus the opening fixture between New Zealand and Tonga on September 9.

The Rugby World Cup Channel will ensure viewers are kept up-to-date on all the developments from New Zealand with match day highlight shows and regular news updates from Greg Clark on location with the Wallabies.

The Rugby Club, hosted by Nick McArdle, will deliver in-depth analysis of all the matches plus monitor the Wallabies progress each Thursday at 8.30pm. Fans will also be able to relive Rugby’s most memorable moments with classic matches airing throughout the tournament.


  1. Alex, so in the this article at the top of the page they should have mentioned X-box 360 instead of foxtel/austar subscribers…because that’s where the channel is launched…they should have said “X-box 360 has launched a dedicated 24/7 Rugby World Cup Channel ahead of the Rugby World Cup 2011.” while for foxtel subscribers, fox sports 3 will be occupied with 24/7 rugby content and act as a Rugby Channel for the duration of the World Cup

    Michelle, Gordan Bray will be calling selected matches on Fox sports for this WC but i think via Sky Sports New Zealand;
    in the 1st week, he is calling France v Japan (sat); Ireland v USA (sun); Scotland v Georgia (wed)

  2. Alex, the channel Does work on normal foxtel, that’s not what i’m saying – all i’m saying is they have just replaced Fox Sports 3 with 24/7 rugby and called it a ‘launch’…..when they really haven’t launched a channel at all…they have replaced a channel – anyway can’t wait for the World Cup, Go Wallabies!!!!

  3. actually Armchair Analyst, Fox Sports does Not broadcast the 6 nations, ESPN does…until and including 2013! – but Evan Davis, you’re right, that’s false advertsing. I wouldn’t say ‘launching’ new channel but utilising/occupying Fox sports 3 with 24/7 rugby for the duration of the WC.

  4. Armchair Analyst

    @Gonzo. I wasn’t tring to be funny. I was just stating my opinion and its a pretty valid one. Fox Sports which is owned by Premier Media Group should launch a Rugby channel similar to what SKY has done in New Zealand. This is (as i have said before) because FOX already has the majority if not all of the Wallabies matches, home and away, they have australian exclusivity of the Super 15 Rugby (having a highlights show on 9 prapared by Fox doesnt count as not having exclusivity) and they will telecast all of the matches at this years RWC plus thye show most if not all of the 6 nations anyway. To me this makes sense and it is not a joke, the fact that you dont know that Fox Sports is owned by Premier Media Group is your fault not mine.

  5. Armchair Analyst

    Why dont premier media group invest money and start up a rugby channel, considering they already have all Wallabies games and exclusivity to the Super Rugby. That would make much more sense.

  6. Thanks for telling us about the opening ceremony. I had been wondering if it would be televised and this is the first I’ve heard of it. 3 days to go 🙂

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