Rugby World Cup on GEM

Nine has suddenly added the opening match of the 2011 Rugby World Cup to GEM today from 6:00pm AEST in some cities.

Given they still haven’t sent any Amendment it’s making life very difficult to advise you, dear reader, of their current programming.

Still haven’t received on about Melbourne Storms game live in Melbourne for Sunday yet either.

What gives, Nine?

Friday / Saturday
4pm GEM Perth
5:30pm GEM Adelaide
6pm GEM Melbourne


  1. Seems like the type of thing a network does when they want to ruin a sport – they’ll probably later tell the IRB that ratings were way down (surprising when nobody knew it was going to be on), and try to pay less next time… or just an attempt to let the exclusive rights go to Fox…?

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    Too late for me. Not your fault, David.

    Does anyone at Nine know what’s happening schedule-wise from one hour to the next? It’s beyond a joke. They will have annoyed people tuning in to watch what was previously scheduled, but missed out on people like me who didn’t know that they’d done a shifty with the Rugby.

    Network Nine programming – the home of laughter… Maniacal laughter.

  3. In NZ at the moment, Auckland is rugby crazy, love the passion. There’s a lot of kiwis & Tongans in Australia so the opening match should be on – go All Blacks!

  4. No surprise that Sydney and Brisbane get skipped. I don’t think anyone was seriously thinking that Nine would put up real competition against League.

  5. nine are idiots, they have this big world sport event and don’t even tell anyone that it will be airing live on gem until the morning of the game, and then they will wonder why no one watched, at least its not on the anti-shipning list otherwise it wouldn’t even be airing on fox sports

  6. Glad we are not the only ones not receiving anything from Nine!

    David – when you say “nationally” are you saying it should also be on GEM NSW & QLD? As EPGs show normal programmming, meaning NSW & QLD have to wait for Nie to air after NRL.

  7. According to online guides, the replay of Farmer Wants a Wife has been dropped (at least for Victoria), but the replay of Underbelly: Razor will air after the rugby.

  8. So people wanting to watch scheduled replays of farmer or underbelly are screwed over? Surely there are more of those fans than the five rugby fans in Victoria.

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