Severe storm warning for TV networks

There was a severe weather warning issued for Summer Bay last night, and for TV networks too.

Home and Away‘s storm week helped Seven secure the night through to 9:30pm. It won 1.2m viewers over ABC News (957,000), The Big Bang Theory (836,000) and The 7pm Project (784,000).

That helped The X Factor to top the night with 1.47m viewers. With its mix of music and personal profiles, it beat The Farmer Wants A Wife (962,000) produced by the same company, The Renovators (745,000), 7.30 / Australian Story (676,000 / 771,000), and Mythbusters (331,000).

At 8:30pm Body of Proof won with 936,000 viewers ahead of Can Of Worms (870,000), the last ever Rescue Special Ops (854,000), Four Corners / Media Watch (625,000 / 624,000) and Swift And Shift Couriers / Pizza (299,000 / 288,000).

But at 9:30pm the new-look Good News World took the lead with 590,000 viewers, just ahead of Q & A on 587,000.

Neighbours topped multichannels with 355,000 viewers.

Seven took out its second night of the week.

Week 37


  1. What a great night of TV Seven had last night. Seven seems to be the only network with decent new content on every night. It beats the repeats of Big Bang, which i love but i am over repeats, and Farmer wanting a wife. Woopdidoo. Can of Worms was fantastic last night too. I watched it after Body of Proof. Can’t say the same for Good News World. What a tonne of crap that was.

  2. Good on H&A to keep plodding along weathering the ratings storm of the Block only to rise to high figures with their own dramatic storm. Storylines have been building steadily (there is a lot going on at the moment with many characters).

  3. A bit chicken and the egg, but it could be X Factor’s success that brought viewers to H&A and helped 7 win the night, rather than a lame storm plot line

  4. Mucho tb – spot on. Farmer wants a root is an abomination on the television landscape. Pretty much the whole of ch 9 is. Pathetic programming- “same name” anyone? They deserve to loose nightly . Fills my heart with joy when 7 crush them.

    Beckala. Totally agree vile and Natalie garonz were woeful and off-putting on x factor last year. So much better without these 2 wannabes!

  5. Wow MTB – rather scathing review of Farmer. Whilst I’m no fan, I think describing it as a ‘trashy’ version of The Bachelor is taking it a bit far – it would be hard to get trashier than The Bachelor.

  6. Hooray for The X Factor beating that piece of shit Farmer Wants a Root by half a million viewers! Music can uplift people, but I don’t see the appeal in watching bogans attempt to date women in the outback. It’s like a trashy country version of “The Bachelor”. What a pathetic way to try and land a relationship – on national TV of all places

    And no, I’m not a fan of ‘Dinner Date’ either

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