Sneak Peek: Ned’s Head

What will SBS reveal about the skull of Ned Kelly that will 'change recorded history forever?'

Victorian Premier Ted Ballieu and Victorian Attorney General Robert Clark will reveal scientific data about a skull believed by many to be that of notorious bushranger Ned Kelly.

The Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine has completed 12 months of DNA research into the origins of the skull, which surfaced 30 years after the skull was stolen from its display case at Old Melbourne Gaol.

According to this SBS documentary they discovered much more, set to make headlines and change recorded history forever.

Ned’s Head airs 7:30pm Sunday on SBS ONE.

UPDATED: The remains of notorious bushranger Ned Kelly have been found at the former Melbourne prison, Pentridge. A DNA sample from Ned’s sister Ellen’s great grandson, Melbourne school teacher Leigh Olver, confirms the remains have been correctly identified as those of the notorious bushranger, bringing a long-standing mystery to an end. The Age.

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    1. No, the media have not blabbed. The Victorian government funded the DNA research etc which happens to have an SBS doco tracking it. But the government was always going to be releasing the info first. Clearly SBS was unable to publicise or play the doco ahead of that as part of the arrangements. The fact it has made headlines will enhance the lure of the audience. On this occasion it’s not a spoiler, it’s news.

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