Sunday drama shootout goes to Underbelly

Sydney prefers Underbelly while Melbourne likes Wild Boys, but both did well with viewers last night.

Sunday proved to be another winner for Aussie drama but this week Underbelly: Razor snatched back a win over Wild Boys.

Underbelly won at 8:30pm with 1.46m viewers with 529,000 in its home city of Sydney and 417,000 in Melbourne. It beat Bones on 1.25m, Rebirth (430,000), Twilight (374,000) and Dateline live in New York (141,000).

Wild Boys shed 276,000 from its debut a week ago but still won its timeslot with just under 1.4m viewers. It’s more popular in Melbourne with 413,000 viewers to Sydney’s 395,000. It beat 60 Minutes on 1.15m, Grand Designs Revisited (879,000), Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation (825,000) and Engineering Ground Zero (230,000).

Sunday Night ranked first at 6:30pm with 1.5m viewers ahead of RBT (926,000), ABC News at 7pm (718,000), and The Renovators (664,000).

A repeat of Bones won at 9:30pm on 962,000 viewers.

In Sunday sport offerings Seven’s AFL: Elimination Final 1: Carlton Vs Essendon was 901,000, Rugby League Final Series Qf4 on Nine was 749,000, Nine’s Rugby: World Cup: Australia Vs. Italy was 494,000 and the FIA Formula One World Championship on ONE was 234,000. The latter also topped multichannels.

Additional shows that touched upon the anniversary of 9/11 were Nine’s 9/11 (543,000), Compass (263,000) and Seven News Special (217,000).

The first night of the week has gone to Seven.

Week 38

4 Responses

  1. TAYG is brilliance, Micallef is the most underrated comic genius of our time, every week the snippets are fresh and random.
    I think wild Boys will only attract a certain genre of viewers and expect more to drop.
    I was hoping the Morcombes would have rated higher, they are relevant in every state with a story to inspire everyone, parent or not.

  2. Seven need Wild Boys to hold it’s numbers next week. As expected it dropped from last week but another similar drop will push it closer to the dreaded below a million for a big budget blockbuster. A hold is needed and anything more than a 5% drop will be worrying

  3. Just watched that ep of Underbelly and I have to say it was the most pedestrian of all the episodes so far. Next week’s looks terrific though.

    It’s a shame more people still aren’t watching The Renovators. Last night was very impressive as there was heaps of design and actual renovating. Even people in QLD didn’t tune in that much. TAYG was brilliant as usual

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