Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Gen update

Because TEN has moved Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation to Sunday nights it will stop playing on Wednesdays after tonight.

That leaves two more episodes to air after tonight.

Instead it will be replaced by two Glee replays at 8:30pm and 9:30pm next Wednesday. The NCIS replay is also out.

TEN is tipped to fastrack Glee after it returns in the US on September 20th.

It is also yet to confirm if TAYG returns in 2012.


  1. It’s sad that a really enjoyable show is getting killed off by stupid network programmers. Fire all the programmers and replace them with chimps. Let’s face it, the chimps would probably do a better job.

  2. Please Ch 10 renew & extend the number of episodes for TAYG!!!
    It’s a Great Show!!! Very funny!!!
    Much better than some other drivel you have on
    (i.e. “The Renovators)

    Thanks 🙂

  3. @Jerome and Andy

    Your Gen never failed on Sundays (the first time), the figures were around 1.1m-1.2m which was fine. Yes the figures were down from 1.5m-1.6m in its first year, but that is to be expected with the show airing on a more competitive night and the new program novelty wearing off.

    What killed the show was a combination of the time off air mid year (2010), the move back to Tuesdays, more time off air, then the move to Wednesdays and an 8.30 timeslot, and now moving back to Sundays – how are viewers ever to keep track of all these time changes!

    But serves them right now, because the show is pretty much dead.

  4. They would be foolish to let this go, the timeslot mess has been incredibly detrimental to it. The show itself is still great, but I agree with the other comment here, less ‘special’ episodes, it isn’t necessary every second week.

  5. Ten has no foresight. They moved it to Sunday for no good reason with just 3 eps to go and clearly had no plans on what to replace it with on Wed and they wonder why people don’t watch their shows.

    @Andy, when TBYG first moved to Sunday it was a flop but it grew for a few weeks, then as soon as it hit a decent figure ten moved it’s timeslot and it was back to square 1. And the same thing has happened about 4 times now.

  6. If it doesn’t come back you can bet it’s because negotiations between the cast and the network fell through.

    At the moment it’s one if not the highest rating shows for TEN and if they passed on it I’m sure Nine would snap it up in a heartbeat

  7. Ten could start showing Breaking Bad in primetime and it’d still be outrated by whatever lowest common denominator garbage is on Seven. So moving TAYG around can’t really hurt it anymore than the end of Masterchef somehow hurt every single other program on Ten.

  8. Didn’t TAYG on Sunday nights fail last time? They’re killing a great show! Perhaps next year (if they make it there) not so many dress up specials. I was at the recording of this season’s finale which is a sci-fi theme and I thought I was lucky to be invited to a “special” episode, but then every other episode this season has been “special”. Makes it no to “special”. For me it’s all about the culture quiz.

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