TEN News a day too late?

TEN will have one of its biggest audiences with the AFL Grand Final -but it won't launch its new look News bulletin until Sunday.

More crazy programming moves from TEN…

This Saturday TEN will have one of its biggest audiences all year with the AFL Grand Final -but it won’t launch its new look weekend News bulletin until the next day.

Instead at 6:30pm TEN will screen the movie Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and is tipped to run a News bulletin at 8:30pm.

Leading out of the Grand Final into the new-look news team would have been a good start, much stronger than what The Bolt Report will deliver as a lead in on Sunday.

TV Tonight hears rumblings that some of the News department aren’t happy about a missed opportunity.

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  1. I don’t know what TEN is thinking, but it’s driving me up the wall in confusion!

    I think Nine should consider returning “Nightline” M-F at 10:30 pm. Then have quitting TEN journalist, George Donekian host it. It might teach them a thing or two. It’s weekend “First at five” did. It made them bring it back. But sadly they had to change it too!

    I’ll miss TENS’ late night news and traditional weekend news. I don’t know how many people like ABC News 24? That’s really the only alternative to TENS’ changes.

  2. Missed opportunity IMO. Thinking about it a few weeks ago I was actually expecting to see news in the schedule for 6.30 right after the Grand Final coverage but alas they’ve buried it at 8.30.

  3. Still very disappointed with having Perth news read from the Eastern States. TEN News Perth has a really good team. Oh well it’ll be good to a laugh when the newsreaders mispronounce a suburb.

  4. @Johnson: When Ten and One HD back then had the GF last in 2009, One had live post-match coverage from 6pm – 8:30pm after Ten went to normal programming.

    David I agree with most of what you’re saying although I think on GF weekend, Ten Melbourne generally does it’s own local bulletin (so it can cover more GF news) so if they was start on Sat – it would have been without one state.

  5. @Johnson- OK for Melbourne but a big turn off for those in NSW & Qld. Most kids would have that movie on DVD anyway. News at 8:30? Seriously TEN?
    Do the news at 6:30 with the AFL bit at 9pm for southern viewers only.

  6. What are we gonna get in Perth from this news service, and day light savings kicks in, 3 hours delayed bullshit news.

    I am buying shares in Channel 10, and getting stuck into that idiot CEO Lachlan Murdoch, what a F(censored) tool he is

  7. I’m yet to see why at a time you can sometimes expect news from Ch10 (6.30pm) there’s no news this Saturday? Surely one could put on a news bulletin then and maybe an updated bulletin at 8.30pm for the reasons already mentioned…post celebrations.

    From Sunday, will audiences who start watching 10 from 5pm switch over at 6pm to 7 or 9 because they would like to see a more state focused bulletin?

    And finally, will 9 bring back Nightline to the 10.30pm M-F spot to cover what was vacated by 10? They did that with the 5pm News on the weekends. They even went as far as calling it ‘The first at 5 news’.

  8. I feel it is quite a clever move to show Ten News at 8.30pm on AFL Grand Final Day,because for the first (and perhaps only) time it will cover post-Grand Final celebrations at Melbourne’s Federation Square (where the winning team is expected to appear after 7pm), as well as reactions from the losing team at its own function.

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