The Gruen Transfer: Sept 21

Tomorrow night is the final episode of The Gruen Transfer before new series Gruen Planet begins and broadens its scope to those who try to influence us: sports stars, actors, criminals, politicians, deities, charities, enations and more.

Joining Wil Anderson, Todd Sampson and Russel Howcroft are Dan Gregory (The Impossible Institute) and Bridget Taylor (Contagion).

Sports betting
In a few short years, sports betting has grown into a $3 billion business, the fastest growing part of the gambling industry. TV sports are now carpeted wit hbetting ads. The odds and dividends have even worked their way into the commentary. The panel pulls apart the normalisation strategies of the modern bookie.

Virtual product placement. As if there weren’t enough consumer goods beingshoehorned into movies and TV shows, now there are companies specialising indigital product placement, adding products to scenes where previously there were none. Products can be changed to suit timeslot or audience type. A character can drink a Coke in a movie in Brisbane and Pepsi in the same movie in Perth.

The Pitch:
Why have so many of our Pitch suggestions this year come from Adelaide. We don’t know, but this week there’s another. Craig Palamountain wants a campaign to convince us all that politicians are underpaid.

RedHanded Vs Fenton Stephens.

9pm Wednesday on ABC1.


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