Wild Boys replay

Some readers have asked if Seven will replay Wild Boys and the answer is yes, twice in some states:

Melbourne – 10.45pm Friday, after the footy; and 1pm Sunday

Adelaide – 10.15pm Friday, after the footy; and 11.30am Sunday

Perth – 9.45pm Friday, after the footy; and 11am Sunday

Sydney and Brisbane – 10am Sunday

Guests in coming weeks include Bridie Carter, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Tim McCunn, Josef Ber, Aaron Jeffery, Laura Brent and Mirrah Foulkes.


  1. The opening scene showing bushrangers sleeping in the open on a floodway was enough for me. Anybody knows that you do not camp there. They were way too clean. I suppose Al Swearingen spoiled all this lightweight stuff.

  2. So on Sunday it will be:

    Footy Flashbacks R 18, 1998 Carl v Ess 12pm
    Wild Boys, repeat 1pm
    Elimination Final – Carlton v Essendon 2pm Live

    Is that correct Dave?

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