Wilfred meets Lost?

The season finale of Wilfred will air on ELEVEN on September 20th, with the series already approved for a second season.

The show has proven a success in the US, which is extremely rare for an Aussie creation.

With the premise now firmly established with viewers, Gann and Wood noted that the next season can continue to take the story deeper into a more esoteric level and explore who can “see” Wilfred in Season 2.

“I think the expansion of that world that they’re in is going to be something that we’ll continue to play with,” Elijah Wood said. “We’ve traversed this world very much in the confines of Ryan’s environment. I think we’ll start to expound upon the outer limits and reaches of that in the second season and play with it a little bit more.”

Gann noted that the numerous references to Ryan’s father won’t be forgotten.

“We went to the mom in Season 1 and we’ll go to the dad in Season 2,” he said. “It’s been touched on a number of times that Ryan was pushed into a certain direction by his father, and we’ve alluded to that. I think once we get to know the dad, it will shed new light on the mother.”

Here’s a teaser for the season finale. Apologies to fans of Lost.


Source: Hollywood Reporter


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