X Factor hits high note on Monday

The first night of The X Factor live begins stronger than last year -but can it match the appeal of Australia's Got Talent?

The first night of The X Factor live delivered good numbers to Seven, but it remains to be seen if it will match the broad appeal of Australia’s Got Talent.

An average of 1.45m viewers watched the two hour spectacle as the #1 show for the night. A year ago the first live show was under 1.1m so it’s certainly sitting in a much rosier position.

Seven’s shows led the night from 6pm including Home & Away on 1.13m and a Castle replay on 774,000.

Nine News was Nine’s only show to top one million viewers on 1.08m viewers. The Farmer Wants A Wife was 792,000 but an 8:30 movie Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past slipped to 552,000.

TEN’s best was The 7pm Project on 738,000 followed by The Renovators (703,000) which is pretty good retention and Undercover Boss Australia (669,000). Good News World dropped again, down to 330,000 from 354,000 a week ago.

Australian Story was 789,000 for ABC1, rising above its 7.30 lead in of 663,000. Four Corners dropped to 550,000 before Media Watch‘s thoughts on the media inquiry lifted to 590,000 and higher still for Q & A on 627,000. ABC News was its top show on 984,000.

Best for SBS was Swift and Shift Couriers on 284,000.

Neighbours topped multichannels with 377,000 viewers.

Seven won the night.

Week 39

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  1. I am amazed that people are watching this show! I can’t sing to save myself but according to the level of talent that they’ve uncovered on this show, I might just have the x factor! Recording contract here I come! I didn’t watch the show last year but it was a friend that said watch how bad these performers are this year! I guess we all love a train wreck!

  2. I enjoyed the x factor last night. I loved the opening and laughed when Ronan and Guy had to sing a spice girls song.

    I hate when they are introducing there contestants they build them up so much. I know they have to and then they try to put down the other peoples contestants. But some of the judges had to admit they were wrong especially mel B. I do like her honesty though. She is a breath of fresh air.

    Declan cracks me up. He was great last ngiht then he throws in his line to the audience involving them. The brother sisters group that sand Cold Play were great to.

  3. i enjoyed watching the X Factor last night was good. I didnt watch it from the start i started watching it from 8pm. So far my negative Natalie Basingthwait comments were vindicated, still for most of you the jury is probably out at this stage. Apart from that the rest of the show was good.

  4. AGT will always be the more polished production because it is not live. I don’t think it would be that bad if X factor tried it for the performance eps. The elimination needs to be live in the world of twitter but the technical hiccups, audio issues and lack of spontaneousness is not worth the live tag IMO.

    The obviously hold back on pyrotechnics and stage production a bit compared to AGT because they know they don’t have a 2nd chance and need to set up the stage in just the ad break.

  5. I hate the way the judges tear into each other and that’s a major reason why I don’t make an effort to watch it. That and the fact the show is full of weak performances by the contestants.

  6. As a whole, I enjoyed the shows, some performances were great, some mediocre. Some of the production values were great, some were downright cheesy and cringeworthy. What Im not enjoying is the judges telling some of them how great they were, when clearly they were weak due to either nerves or lack of the “x factor”. Ronan in particular p*ssed me right off telling his group how great they were, and bopping along whilst they were singing and the other 3 judges clearly looking bored to death. This in my opinion is a great embaressment to Ronan, then again he is the one that tried to sell us the ideal that Altyan had the X factor!! Where is he now?

  7. @David Knox, I agree with you about the structure of the judging panel on X-Factor. I have not watched it this year, but caught a few eps last season. I do not like the fact that the judges are each others rivals. It completely compromises their objectivity, leads to tiresome displays of petulant egos and is just plain stupid. I much prefer the mentor system they had on Idol, where different musicians were brought in on a weekly basis to mentor the contestants.

  8. The problem with the judges on x-factor is that when they disagree it all seems fake,which it is and too obvious. There is not a Jack Vidgen or Guy Sebastian on this show and not anyone close. Unless the talent greatly improves the ratings will go down. Some are ok but for a show called the X-factor it is the x-factor that is missing. It is like New Faces on steroids (a talent show from the past).

  9. I’ve written a fair bit on X Factor both it’s strengths and weaknesses (why wouldn’t I?). Not so sold on the format when it requires judges to become rivals and how that plays out on contestants but Mel B has been a great addition.So it’s swings and roundabouts, really. I’ve said all this before anyway.I tend to look at various aspects of a show, so it’s rarely a simple “show is good / show is bad.” I don’t have a problem with readers drawing their own conclusions, even when they are wrong. It’s a free world!

  10. I am quite liking the Renovators now. Too late I’m sure but it seems so much better than when I watched it earlier and then gave up for a while. Robin and the guy who does all the talking seem to have a real cameraderie with the contestants which plays out nicely on television.

  11. So far it is outshone by Australia’s Got Talent.

    @James, the above line is cut and pasted from last nights article by David.

    I read David’s reviwes and posts on almost a daily basis and just get the impression, that he’s not really onboard the x-factor train just yet : )

    David..over to you?

  12. @Craig H – Have you not read David’s other posts about X Factor? In the other post on last night’s show David said that it’s production values ‘outshone’ AGT.

    I think David’s comments in this article are commentary on how the show rated and after one live show. I don’t think there’s anything here that has been overly critical of the show. You can’t expect to make a hypothesis on how the show will rate with one live show under its belt…

    Given the wrap around adverts that appeared on the site, I have been impressed at David’s impartiality when reviewing the show. 🙂

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