X Factor judges borrow from The Voice

Tonight’s live episode of The X Factor will borrow an idea from The Voice -all four judges will perform on stage together.

That was how The Voice first opened in the US, and it set the scene for judges reminding us all of their talent.

Mel B., Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Ronan Keating and Guy Sebastian will all perform a song together tonight.

Of course, The Voice has arguably borrowed from X Factor by having judges mentor contestants anyway, so I guess that makes it even. Ronan Keating also performed on the show last year.

Meanwhile, what’s with the promo for the live show? It sounds like it was made for Today Tonight.

“This is it. No second chances,” an ominous voice booms.


The tone is hardly embracing of their talent. Nothing about how talented they are?

I guess this is where we are reminded that the show’s format now begins to see judges get snarky about the other acts on the show, and that’s where Australia’s Got Talent outshines it. It’s more common for all the judges on AGT to support an act, than the more divisive X Factor.


  1. It does not matter how good the judges are. I have just watched the first live show and it is struggling for talent. The only interesesting act is Declan. AGT had much better talent. This show will get good ratings to start but will slowly fizzle. The banter between the judges is staged. I like these shows but without talent they are nothing.

  2. Moanique in Brisbane

    @ armchair analyst, sorry but I have to agree with the other commenters, Natalie has had extensive experience in music/musical theatre. She is well qualified to mentor these contestants.

  3. Armchair Analyst

    @Matt. i guess you have a better comment. I just call it as i see it and besides havent you heard of a saying “ignorance is bliss” also there are plenty of other commentators on this site who make comments which are stupid mine was just observant thats all.

  4. @Armchair analyst – What are you on about. You shouldn’t comment on things you clearly have no idea about. Perhaps you should change your user name because every analysis you share is utter rubbish…

  5. @Armchair Analyst – Natalie has done singing in her work in the theatre as well as when she was lead vocalist in the Rogue Traders and afterwards she also released a solo album (1000 Stars). She has a new song out this week or the next it seems after looking at her twitter.

  6. The x factor would be smart to use all the little gimmicks that the voice may use to create a point of difference. X has a good advantage airing first they should use it for all it is worth.

  7. Armchair Analyst

    Well everything is borrowed or stolen in tv anyway its been going on since the 80s i think. I am more concerned with the judging/mentoring line up this year. I know Kyle was crap and didnt want to be their but i dont think that Natalie Bassingthwaite is any better. Ronan, Guy and Mel B (who by the way is hot and sexy) are better mentors/judges than Natalie. I cant see how the over 25’s will improve with her. My main beef that her carreer has not been as long as Ronan’s or Mel B’s. I know Guy has only been doing it since 2003/2004 but he only sings thats all he does so he will be able to give them more and better advice. Natalie wont, she will probably get mixed up with the acting advice, this is a singing contest isnt it? Yes its not as pure as the Voice but if you cant sing then you will be found out especially in this day and age.

  8. The voiceover is done by actor Nick McKay who has a busy 12 months. He narrates for The Biggest Loser, MasterChef Australia, The X Factor and the upcoming Junior MasterChef. I think he does the voiceover to the script but makes it more dramatic to attract viewer interest.

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