Young Doctors: sneak peek

“I do feel think of myself as Nina from Offspring…. with all the internal monologue going on,” says Dr. Colinda Launeke, one of seven first and second-year junior doctors profiled in Nine’s upcoming factual series Young Doctors.

Despite it’s similarity in title to a favourite soapie, the eight-part series will be built around real life drama at Newcastle’s John Hunter hospital.

These docs are all aged in their 20s, newly qualified enthusiastic professionals making their first diagnosis, performing their first emergency surgery, and facing their first Saturday night in accident and emergency. They also share accommodation facilities, giving an insight into how being young scrubs impacts on personal and social lives.

It premieres soon on Nine.


  1. when you go to hospital you hardly see a white doctor anywhere, but on the adds for this new “young doctors” tv reality show all the young doctors are white. stinks like a racist tv executive demographic study to me… jus sayin

  2. Nice shot there Rory! Haha.

    Really looking forward to watching this. Wonder if the program will really show how busy and stressful the job is. People such as Camo would reassess their thoughts about the ‘5 minute’ doctor visits if they spent a week or two shadowing a junior doctor, seeing how immensely we do care for the welfare of our patients, and what work we do for them – always behind the scenes and often unrecognised. Tell us we don’t care when we routinely miss our lunch breaks and stay hours overtime (often unpaid!) to make sure patients get the best care.

    And many young female doctors (including myself) are called nurses every day at work, despite introduction as a doctor and everything else that was said at the beginning of this video clip. I’ve yet to meet a male colleague who has been confused for a nurse. Obviously this is frustration at the underlying sexism, rather than any sort of God complex – that comment reflects more on the writer (and their probable inferiority complex, if you want to get analytical- haha!) than the subject.

    Good on you guys who were brave enough to go on the show!

  3. @Camo and Mr Roboto, good chat. Take it offline and make out.

    This is going to be epic. Burgess will bring life to what i’m sure will give the ground workers of the profession some respect.

  4. I’m a junior female doctor and get called a nurse all the time. Being mistaken for a nurse is not a bad thing in itself – nursing is amongst the noblest of professions! – but I do get frustrated that it’s an ingrained sexism and that many people don’t expect female doctors. Even female patients!

    And for everyone who thinks less of doctors because we only get to see patients for a few minutes a day – it’s because for the rest of that day, we’re ordering You tests, organising Your surgeries, chasing Your results, and garnering opinion on how to treat YOU best. I often go to chat to patients hours after I’m supposed to have gone home to my own family so I can update them or answer their questions – but still, people think we don’t care about them. It’s exhausting.

    And @Camo – I have patients scattered all around the hospital, and am often rostered on from 08am till 1030 at night (or overnight!). What’s that phrase again? Best to remain quiet and be Thought a fool, rather than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt…

  5. Camo…. Um… not exactly sure how pointing out sexist attitudes by some patients ( “doctors are males, and nurses are females”) makes me sexist.
    You do realise that I was pointing out exactly why the girl in the video was so frustrated… a frustration you said was because of a god complex.
    I see it happen to my female colleagues (and wife) All the time and it drives them insane.

  6. @mr roboto …thats a fairly sexist comment there…that nurses are females and doctors are male, but i do understand your point….plus i know alot of male nurses too…and yes while i concede your point re doctor patient numbers…. they also have a number of doctors, interns, registra’s, specialists and so on…. and i dont know of many hospitals that one doctor would work in all departments… especially during the normal 6am till 10pm hours…. but we are off topic its a TV blog not a Doctor v patient ratio blog….

  7. Camo… I think you have a slightly skewed understanding of why that doctor was frustrated.
    It is not uncommon for females, despite have studied for 15 years to become a specialist, to be referred to as nurse by some patients. This is not because that think that particular doctor is so caring like the nurses, but rather because doctors are males and nurses are females. The patients will often disregard what they say until a male colleague comes into the room.
    Furthermore, whilst the doctors may “swing by” for 5 minutes, it is only because their patient lists run up to 30 patients spread out across the hospital. By the time you add consults, emergency department reviews, time in the operating theatre or outpatient clinics of 20-30 patients, they Have to spread themselves pretty thin.

  8. wow this website is becoming a beacon for haters of the nine network…. besides that i didnt like the first “Dr” comments….usually when a patient says the nurse said this and the nurse said that…sort of gives you the idea that the nursing profession are a caring profession….and doctors swing by and spend 5 minutes with a patient and the nurse are there usually for an 10 hour shift…so if by chance that “doctor” reads this post…change your attitude (stop the iam am God complex) and you may see a change in how patients talk to you… i must disclose i know alot of nurses as well…

  9. So where are any of our young attractive doctors of asian or indian backgrounds that represent a large slice of it’s workforce?
    Another show i’ll Not watch.

  10. What happened to the soap Nine? Isn’t there enough fly on the wall crap around?I don’t understand why one network will not commit to something a little more adult orientated for us purists of mindless fluff.
    Ten what about a remake of Number 96 using the storylines from the old series.
    You almost got there with Secret Life but axed it just when it really took off.
    I mean if it wasn’t for Shortland Street (!!) on 7Two i’d be lost.

  11. A close friend of mine, who is a nurse at JHH’s emergency department, refused to sign the forms to appear on this show, as did many other nurses and workers. It will be interesting to see how Nine handles the show.

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