Adam Boland returns to Weekend Sunrise

Exclusive: Adam Boland will return to Weekend Sunrise as Executive Producer from Monday.

Boland is the former Director of Morning Television for Seven and Sunrise pioneer, and currently consults as Seven’s Director of Social Media and Strategy.

Weekend Sunrise has been without an Executive Producer since Michael Pell became EP of (weekday) Sunrise.

But it’s been deemed that the show hosted by Samantha Armytage and Andrew O’Keefe is in need of some TLC and Boland has volunteered to resume the role.

He also continues in his current role.


  1. Get rid of Prue but please keep Andrew O’Keefe, that’s the reason I watch. He is funny and after all it’s the week end you don’t want anything too serious and formal on the weekend. I think Sam and Andrew makes a great team.

  2. Weekend Sunrise TLC Project – #1 Priority: Axe Andrew O’Keefe! He doesn’t take anything seriously, is not funny and even has people that he interviews rolling their eyes or raising their eyebrows. Whilst I appreciate that Weekend Sunrise should not be all serious, it shouldn’t be all a joke either.

  3. I watched Sunrise mid-week this week for the first time in a long time. It was bland, perfunctory and frankly not much real news, fun or information to take out. From what I saw, the weekday one needs TLC too. How sad then, must the weekend one be looking these days then?

    Frankly, Boland should be back in charge of the whole operation. He has the track record, talent, he’s innovative, listens to his peers and is a leader in his demeanour.

    Michael Pell simply does not have the experience or gravitas for a senior producer role let alone EP. I shake my head when I wonder what Peter Meakin was thinking when he promoted him (and given the sensitivities that surround Sunrise, Leckie signing off on it surprised me too).

  4. Don’t get me wrong, I like sunrise, but weekend sunrise is terrible, If I was Adam, first thing I would do is remove Prue McSween and Andrew O O’Keeffe he isn’t suitable to be a newsreader/anchor. If this happens then I may consider watching weekend sunrise, But I do Love weekday sunrise.

  5. “Adam Boland will return to Weekend Sunrise as Executive Producer from Monday.”
    Funny. I can’t recall ever being notified that Monday was a weekend…

  6. Armchair Analyst

    I dont think Weekend Sunrise is in need of a TLC it is the weeday version which needs it. Cant stand most of the hosts. Weekend version is fine, love Samantha and Andrew makes me laugh everytime.

  7. Well, I love Andrew O’Keefe and I really like Prue MacSween.

    While I really enjoy when they all go off topic and get silly and in fits of laughter (particularly Andrew and Sam) I have wondered whether anyone was actually in control of the show. Now it makes sense. It’s like when a teacher leaves the classroom.

    I agree David, the show does need a little TLC. Some of the stories they have on there are quite woeful.

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