Airdate: Kill Arman

SBS features the combat Karate of Okinawan gurus, Kung Fu Shaolin monks, the ancient Bokator of Khmer warriors, and modern Street Fighting.

Next week SBS begins a new Monday night line-up, including Kill Arman from Finland, which combines humour and martial arts from across the globe.

The series is filmed in 10 countries including China, Cambodia, Japan, USA, Malaysia, Iran, Hong Kong, South Korea and the small, peaceful pacific islands of Okinawa.

Kill Arman is a 10-episode martial arts travel show that tells the story of Arman Alizad, an average man in his mid 30s who is out-of-shape and loves his cosy lifestyle. Arman has no previous martial arts experience, but now has only six months to train before facing the ultimate challenge: battling 10 warriors of 10 different martial arts in 10 different countries around the world – with only his martial arts skills to protect him!

Kill Arman is about combat arts, not about sport arts. From the cradle to the grave, these masters train in combat styles created for real warfare. From the combat Karate of Okinawan gurus, to the battle Kung Fu of Shaolin monks, to the ancient Bokator of Khmer warriors, to modern Street Fighting of urban masters, Arman attempts to do it all – and make it out alive.

The series goes behind the training and techniques of real martial arts fighting. The historical, cultural, spiritual and philosophical backgrounds of different martial arts are all brought into the spotlight through the people and cultures that live and breathe them everyday.

Episode 1: China/ Shaolin Kung Fu – In the mountains of China lives Shi De Yang, one of the world’s greatest Shaolin warriors. Arman must complete a brutal training regimen to learn the secrets of the original Shaolin Kung Fu, a deadly combat art. He also travels with De Yang to an isolated monastery to give up his materialistic lifestyle and join the brotherhood of the Shaolin monks. Finally, Arman has to use everything he has learned in a fight against one of his master’s best apprentices.

Monday, 24 October at 8.30pm on SBS ONE

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  1. What?
    2 shows then it’s axed?
    What’s going on down in SBS land?
    No DVD to buy?
    Kill Arman every monday night…wow !
    Instead we have Teddy Bear Grills….would you like fries with that?
    Christians rolling about in the snow…
    Fashioning sledges out of a piece of bone and pile of twigs….(give me a break)arrrrrrrrgh!!!!!!!
    Thought I was going mmmmmmmad………
    Nah I’m fine, but someone down in the scheduling department has lost the plot..…
    The script…the cast and crew….and me….

  2. You do suck. Does SBS have the backbone to at least state that the DVD is or is not available for purchase so that we can enjoy the series at leisure, rather than be hoodwinked.

  3. I don’t watch much on SBS but when you do show something good like kill arman you axe it after 2 episodes, you may as well be a shitty mainstream Chanel.
    Thanks you for nothing!

  4. The axing of kill Arman is a poor management decision
    It was a good show
    Just because people with rating units did not like it does not mean those interested in martial arts did not watch it
    400,000 plus take part in martial arts weekly
    Thanks for nothing

  5. Well was I red faced – had a friend round to watch ep3 – only to be faced with the dreadful bare grills!! Please show the rest of this excellent series!!!!

  6. You suck SBS. How can you tease us like that? Surely you’ve not given it enough of a chance to attract the cult following it deserves. Where is your conviction to showing interesting world programs? I am slightly embarrassed as I have told everyone I know about this show (all of my clients,friends, family) This is the type of show that would’ve required word of mouth to build up a head of steam.- the 50 or so people I told about this show would have switched on to find an old re-run of bear grylls (i’ve seen them all already) extremely unhappy to be teased and let down in such way.

  7. Was disappointed Kill Arman episode on Karate from Japan was not shown on Monday 7th November as advertised. Will it be re-scheduled?

    Thank you….Barrie.

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