Airdate: Psychoville Halloween Special

ABC2 screens a Psychoville Halloween Special next Monday night, which is a first run 2010 special.

Special guest stars included Imelda Staunton, Alex Waldmann and Julian Bleach.

ABC2 will also screen the second season of Psychoville over summer.

It’s Halloween and the spirits are gathering at Ravenhill Psychiatric Hospital where TV researcher Phil from ‘Dales Overnight Ghost Hunts’ is about to have a night he will never forget… assuming he lives that long.

He is accompanied by Drew, an amateur ghost hunter who has long been under the spell of Nurse Edwina Kenchington, the governess of this very hospital, whose ghost he is now sure roams the building. As a little boy she corrupted his head with scary stories.

The pair takes it in turns to tell scary stories as they follow the dark corridors… but the line between fact and fiction is very blurred…

Mr Jelly the grouchy hook-handed clown has the perfect Halloween lined up: beans on toast, two of the Exorcist films on DVD and a visit from local prostitute Busty Janet. But when he refuses to give Halloween treats to two sinister children, it turns nasty.

Meanwhile, David the serial killer-obsessed manchild and his bloodthirsty mother Maureen are stranded in a forest with a serial killer under a full moon.

As the pair finishes their tour of Ravenhill, a spectral figure flickers past. Is it a ghost? Or is it Kenchington lurking in the shadows?

10:15pm Monday October 31 ABC2.


  1. Tasmanian de√il

    Surely ABC didn’t purposely delay this episode for a whole year, just so they could screen it on Hallowe’en? It’s not like it will boost their ratings…

  2. i remember watching most of the first season of Psychoville. Unfortunately, i have then since forgotten about the show, but am glad that the show is coming back for a special and a second season

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