Airdate: The Killing

Acclaimed US crime drama, The Killing, will air on ONE next month.

Set in Seattle, the series follows the investigation into the murder of local teenager with each episode covering approximately 24 hours. It is based on the Danish series of the same name.

The Emmy-nominated series produced for cable network AMC has received glowing reviews from US critics.

It will premiere on ONE with a double episode 8:30pm Wednesday November 2nd.


  1. @MuchoTB The Walking Dead? This is a different type of cop show in a market where cop shows are over done and the same, mind you it is probably not for everyone but the story develops and for me it did move at a good pace. Season 2 should be interesting with the storylines

  2. Just started watching this a few weeks ago. Guess i’ll wait to watch the rest on ONE. Seems more suited to ABC though, and an 8.30 timeslot on ONE seems strange.

  3. The Danish version was excellent – I will check this out. As an aside – does anybody know when/if SBS are going to air the second series of the Danish version?

  4. Armchair Analyst

    More Garbage on ONE typical. The ratings have not improved by much since they dumped sport in primtime and replaced it with crap. If they wanted to emulate the success of 7Mate then they have failed.

  5. The Killing is better suited to One than Ten it’s a slow burn type of show I really enjoyed it very emotional and intriguing but as previously posted don’t expect a resolution this season.

  6. Secret Squïrrel

    Yeah, thought this might’ve been better for Ten, too. Hardly anybody will watch it on One. Craig, the Danish original was also on SBS earlier this year. It was pretty good.

  7. I agree with a friendly yank. AMC produced two fantastic shows in Mad Men and Breaking Bad but really dropped the ball on this one – couldn’t get into it at all. It shed viewers every week in the States and the season final didn’t answer any of the main storyline’s questions – a move which received heavy backlash by fans and critics alike.

    My advice, if you check out the pilot and enjoy it, then stick it out, but don’t expect any resolution

  8. I don’t get Ten sometimes.

    “The Killing” does much bigger 18-49 business in the US on tiny cable network AMC than “Ringer” on briadcast network The CW.

    Yet Ten airs Ringer and shfats The Killing to One.

    For a network in so much trouble, shouldnt they be taking some risks?

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