Airdate: Undercovers

Nine has scheduled late night screenings of Undercovers, a short-lived NBC drama that launched as part of the 2010 Fall season.

Created by J. J. Abrams and Josh Reims it starred two African-European leads, Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, as retired spies called back into working for the CIA.

Steven and Samantha Bloom are a typical married couple who own and operate a small catering company in Los Angeles. Secretly, they were two of the best spies the CIA had ever known, until they fell in love on the job and  retired. But when a friend and fellow agent disappears while on the trail of an arms dealer, the pair re-enter the world of espionage.

It airs at 12am Tuesday October 18 (midnight Monday) on Nine.


  1. If anyone is looking back at this article, Nine is definitely showing the two episodes that was not aired in the US on January 2 and presumably January 9 respectively.

  2. Anyone who is fortunate to be reading this on time but I just found out that Undercovers is going to start at 11:40pm, 20 minutes before it was previously scheduled.

  3. I just remembered, in the US they didn’t show the final 2 eps, apparently answering many questions for fans of the show. So in about 3 month (Jan 2012 assuming Nine don’t yank it) we’ll get to see them. I think they have aired in some non English speaking countries. So I guess it will be worth tracking this one after all since it’s not on DVD.

  4. Sweet, if nothing else I’ll DVR the two eps that never aired Stateside.

    Craig, I can only assume they got it as part of a package when shelling out for other WB shows.

  5. @Phoenix – good idea, with more channels the networks need more show to fill them. Plus the shows are being fast tracked like never before, so this summers drought will be worse than ever on FTA.

  6. Secret Squïrrel

    I can’t help wondering whether this would’ve rated higher if both of the leads were not of African descent. Abrams prob wonders the same thing as the premise of Odd Jobs with “Ben” and “Lock” is not too far removed from this.

  7. I know the show didn’t last but seriously how much money did they pay for this only to stick it at midnight a year late? Why don’t they just use it on GO! or GEM at a more friendly time of the night?

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