Airdate: William Shatner Roast

Following the two Roasts for Charlie Sheen and David Hasselhoff, Nine plays Comedy Central's 2007 William Shatner Roast.

Following the two Roasts for Charlie Sheen and David Hasselhoff, Nine plays Comedy Central’s William Shatner Roast next Sunday night.

This was filmed in 2007 -and includes Farrah Fawcett. Might make it seem a little dated.

Witness the comic carnage as a host of celebrities including Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman boldly go where no one has gone before: to insult the man behind Captain Kirk as William Shatner is roasted.

It airs at 10:30pm Sunday on Nine.

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  1. Awesome news…. These Roast’s are the funniest things I’ve seen in a long long time. I can see how some people could be offended by them, but they now know what the shows are like and they have no excuse to what and complain about them anymore…

    Well done Ch 9 (never thought I would ever say that)… I hope they play all of them.

  2. Excellent news! I doubt that this will be edited much. I didn’t notice them take anything out of the Hoff one, altho’ the ‘C’-word didn’t appear to have been said. However, there was a liberal sprinkling of the ‘F’-word and pretty much everything else.

    Maybe we should vote on which ones we’d like to see next. Trump and Pammie for me. Wouldn’t mind the Joan Rivers one either. Or Bob Saget, Denis Leary… Heck, just play them all.

    Has anyone see the UK version, “A Comedy Roast”? Any good? They did Sharon Osbourne last year which def has potential. If she says the ‘C’-word on X Factor, what’s she going to say on a roast?

  3. If you are easily offended by hurtful jokes aimed at other people then please do not watch these roasts cause thats what they are. All the Comedy Central roasts have jokes that are in bad taste so dont bother watching expecting for light hearted humour.

    The Shatner one is my favourite, probably not the funniest though but im biased cause im a huge Shatner fan. The Pamela Anderson roast is the funniest one ive seen but i think the language in that one would be heavily edited if Ch 9 decide to air it. the C word and P word are used frequently.

  4. I have seen this one before and seriously question whether FTA television would be able to play most of it without extensive editing,I like lewd clever but a lot of the dialogue on this one is foul just because they can.
    Andy Dick made the whole thing a very uncomfortable experience.

  5. Gonna watch the Hasselhoff Roast when I get home later, but these have been enjoyable. If you don’t like them, don’t watch them. There are people out there like me that really enjoy these over-the-line jokes so it’s great to see Nine airing these.

    I don’t expect Nine to air them all as they date back to 2003 if I’m correct but it certainly helped Nine last night so what’s the harm?

  6. If the celebrities were appalled or offended by the jokes they wouldn’t have been involved and they can choose topics that can’t be mentioned for instead Shatner asked that no one made jokes about his second wife’s death. If you don’t like it, just turn it off, it’s not that hard.

  7. Well comedian Greg Giraldo, who died in 2010, was in both David Hasselhoff’s and William Shatner’s roasts, so I guess that’s no different to airing the episode with Fawcett in it.

  8. saw part of the William Shatner roast on Foxtel – it was Not funny, filthy, smutty jokes, very, very bad taste – we stopped watching after only 10 mins

    I am surprised any of it will make it to air on FTA, but not surprised Nine has made the decision to air it – once again, they have lost the plot!

  9. The Hasselhoff roast was not as funny as Sheens but that was to be excepted with the material they had to work with. Great to have Lisa Lampanelli and even better to see Greg Giraldo once last time.

    @ Paul The whole point of a roast is to be sleazy and make a lot of jokes in bad taste, they know what they are getting when they sign up. As far as I know, there is nothing for charity or anything like that, it’s not that kind of thing.

    @ Newtaste what exactly was filthy and racist about last night?

  10. Last night’s Hoff roast was filthy and racist. If Nine had made that show themselves it would never have gotten to air. The ‘jokes’ directed towards Pamela Anderson and Hulk Hogan were apalling.

  11. The ratings for these have been good, considering the Hasselhoff one went for 90 minutes until midnight.

    The jokes are funny, but it’s all a bit mean-spirited. You definitely know your celebrity is on the skids when you submit yourself to one of these.

    Is there a charity aspect to these because that might mitigate the sleaze?

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