Beauty & the Geek makes over Thursday

Seven's makeover episode of Beauty & the Geek Australia topped Thursday night with 1.33m viewers.

Seven’s makeover episode of Beauty & the Geek Australia topped Thursday night with 1.33m viewers.

Thanks to the interest in makeovers (any kind of makeover), Seven was well ahead of the pack last night.

It also won with Seven News (1.09m), Today Tonight (983,000) and Home and Away (937,000). The Amazing Race was 662,000, while How I Met Your Mother was just 253,000 at 10pm.

Celebrity Apprentice had to settle for third place last night (911,000) as Polly Porter was eliminated from the show. It was a decision that attracted plenty of social media comment last night, with many fuming she was booted over Deni Hines. At least for Nine the show is attracting strong engagement in its debut week.

RBT was 651,000, lower than Unforgettable (663,000). CSI: Miami was 408,000. Chase was 269,000.

TEN just managed third place for the night with most of its shows were under 600,000. The strongest performer was Keeping Up with the Joneses on 601,000. Recruits: Paramedics was 575,000, followed by Rush (573,000), and gloomy numbers for The 7PM Project of 497,000. A Law and Order: SVU repeat was 439,000. The penultimate 6:30 with George Negus was down to 310,000 -just ahead of Neighbours, which at least was still the top multichannel show on 284,000. Even The Bold and the Beautiful was higher on 417,000.

ABC News took second place in its slot on 933,000 while The Slap was 811,000. Next for ABC1 were Qi on 781,000, 7:30 (754,000) and Crownies (517,000).

Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam and Gourmet Farmer, both on 334,000, were best for SBS ONE. At least there was 100% traction from show to show. Supersizers Go was 269,000.

Seven won Thursday with 31.4% ahead of Nine’s 23.2%, TEN’s 19.9%, ABC’s 19.7% and SBS 5.9%.

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  1. @bettestreep2008

    I agree that it does seem very shady that alot of the bigger shareholders have invested interests with Foxtel but surely they could use that to TEN’s advantage.
    There’s this idea that is mostly due to sports but Seven have AFL and Nine have NRL and neither of them have felt the effects of Foxtel’s sport programming. I don’t see why they would want to wipe TEN off the map which as you said would only be to the other Free to Air Networks advantage.

    I think the reason is TEN management have basically written off this year. They’ve accepted the profit plunge, they are awaiting a new CEO and they’re holding back on as much content as possible to air next year to have a more full schedule. Where’s that new show Class of 2011? Oh that’s right.. it’s on next year instead. What happened to ‘Homeland’? Oh yeah it looks like that will air next year as well…

    (sorry for taking up so much room)

  2. stevesydney – I don’t think the new bosses at Ten give a toss about how they are performing at the moment.

    They think by just showing repeats of Modern Family, NCIS and L&O:SVU they will send viewers over to Foxtel.

    Pity they haven’t realised that the viewers are switching over to Seven, Nine and even the ABC.

    I predict Ten will be eventually sold to someone overseas at a bargain basement price.

  3. What I have issue with is another non celebrity A.K.A Deni Hines, being so rude and arrogant to Poppy, regarding her celebrity status. Ms Hines who do You think you are? Certainly not the “pop princess” title a desperate channel 9 has afforded you. Remind me in what year was your last hit single? Remind me some notable songs you have to boast about? Remind me why you pollute tv screens on cheap shows like 20 to 1? Remind me why your relevant in 2011? Remind me why your so insecure of your own “celebrity” status you need to denigrate another wannabe.

  4. I have just listened to a radio interview with the woman that was booted from The Apprentice last night. Oh wow, she is a total wannabe whose head is up in the clouds, I don’t know where she resides, but it isn’t planet Earth. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She pretty much stated to the announcer that she is desperate for a career on television. When he asked her what talents she would bring to the small screen, she said “honesty and integrity”. Since when have honesty and integrity been talents? I thought they were innate character traits. I didn’t watch The Block so I am not familiar with this woman, but after listening to her rabbit on and on about why it was so unfair that she was fired, why she really is a bona fide celebrity and why she is so desperately after a television gig, I’m glad I’m unfamiliar with her.

  5. Polly who? She was not a celebrity, no matter how much Nine tried to make out she was. I’m glad that became an issue on the show. I have a feeling that these elimination episodes of Celebrity Apprentice might start to fail because they just repeat so much of the challenge episode. This show would have been so much better as one hour episodes with the elimination taking up only 15 minutes.

  6. Jimmy’s makeover was easily the best of the lot. Glad that The Slap is still performly strongly. Sophie Lowe is such a talented actress and she proved that once again with a powerful performance throughout the entire episode last night.

  7. Poppy… ah I mean Polly was getting washed out with all the other celebrities so I don’t mind her going. Although I didn’t think it was fair that she was labeled as ‘not a team player’

    TEN are giving away Thursdays at the moment, much like every other night. Why not return Glee back to Thursdays at 7.30 where it did great numbers season 1 and where are new episodes of L&O SVU???

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