Bolt Report inaccurate with ratings data

Yesterday Andrew Bolt slipped in a reference to ratings figures that suggested The Bolt Report has more viewers than ABC1’s Insiders.

“Since The Bolt Report started 22 shows ago we’ve asked more than 50 times for Gillard government ministers for a chat. Gillard, Rudd, Combet, Bowen, Crean… but not one had even though our total audience is often bigger than the ABC’s Insiders,” he said.

The line about “total audience” is meant to mean the total of the show’s two airings at 10am and 4:30pm on Sundays. By all rights it should really be an average of the two (which is frequently the way the Free to Air sector arrives at averages for Pay TV’s many replays).

But even adding in the two numbers, the figure is still incorrect.

Why? Because Insiders plays on both ABC1 and ABC News 24.

If the total audience for The Bolt Report is the total of its two broadcasts, then ABC is entitled to have their three broadcasts factored in. This is a multichannel landscape after all.

So adding up all broadcasts of both shows here are the most recent results.

Sunday 25 September
9am Insiders ABC1 201,000
9 am Insiders ABC News 24 33,000
8pm Insiders ABC News 24 20,000
Total: 254,000

10am The Bolt Report TEN 119,000
4:30pm The Bolt Report Encore 126,000
Total: 245,000

Sept 18
Insiders 239,000
The Bolt Report 221,00

Sept 11
Insiders 236,000
The Bolt Report 134,000 (one screening)

Sept 4
Insiders 276,000
The Bolt Report 264,000


  1. Go bolte a true australian who like most of us is stongly opposed to the socialist(aka communist) gillard government hanging there hats on green policy (aka back to the stone age) .All we want is an election .Funny left wing labour is strongly opposed to right wing labour talk about a fragmented party

  2. David Knox will censor the Truth on Bolt Report,its not political correct to tell the truth.Its ok too increase Taxes to pay $8 Billion in Foriegn Add,Increase water charges sending Fresh water out to sea,Have a Fed Gov run by Greens/ 3 Independants ”why are they scared of new election??they will be kicked out.Pull familes apart fighting a war they cant win ,so a pollie can bet there chest.Boat people getting in as Cue jumpers on puplic housing list $400 and free cigarettes phone home while the Tax payer funds their new freedom. Carbon Tax Con making no jobs for australians,when the GST was introduced did income Tax get reduced as promised ”No”.Have ex PMs with their gold card face in the public troff.Sack Alan Joyce as CEO of Qantas ,soon their will be No Qantas,I wont Fly with them now.Flood peoples homes we wont be held accountable for our miss management and Bank Rupt the state,while we think its good to have same sex marrages,which does respect the True Right of Marrage,Why do i waste my time knowing none of these Truths will appear on the Bolt report,its because this programme will not let the truth be told it will be censored and we will be repressed .But when its too late we sold off the land to China and anyone else who wants to buy Australia thank the Bolt None Reporting for Telling us the Truth.

    • Young: There’s been no censoring thanks. But there have been people such as yourself who take no notice of my site’s Comments Policy and submits repeated comments in SHOUTING CAPS. I took the time to write to you to advise you of this. You didn’t take the time to reply and thank me, but to insult me on my own blog from a position of ignorance. Thanks very much. My site is not related to TEN, nor The Bolt Report. It’s my own blog on Television. It’s for people to discuss their passion for Television. The topic in this story is Bolt ratings vs Insiders ratings. Do you now understand you are off topic? It’s also not soapbox for pushing political agendas. If you have any further rants on the positives or negatives of Australian politics I suggest you take it to a blog more suited to your cause. Thanks.

  3. What is it about the Left that they hate people with different opinions…for these morons it is about silencing free speech reminds me of the Chinese or communist Russia….get over it and find some rational arguments and not just hate!

  4. “Where is the Channel 10 program for non-liberals”….
    It runs at 7pm most week nights…
    Channel 2 has Q&A and Insiders
    Channel 9 has Laurie Oakes….
    Channel 7 has Mark Riley….

    You have plenty to pick from….

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